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Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #6

No root yet, but some very interesting developments over at XDA Developers.

I’m surprised I was the first to report about accessing Developer Options. It turns out Renate didn’t even know that!

I wrote here:

2) I haven’t seen this elsewhere: Tapping three times on Software Version will open up Developer Options! There’s a bloody ton of stuff in there.

And at XDA, yegoshin confirms:

Yep after registering and going through to the main nook screen >> settings >> about >> software >> tap software version rapidly like 10 times >> tap the build number (or maybe it was something else I forgot) rapidly 10 times or so. At the bottom you get Development Options where you can enable USB debugging etc…

Well, two things:

1) It works on demo Nooks at B&N.

2) You don’t — or at least I didn’t — have to tap ten times. I found that just two or three will do on Software Version. That will reveal another set of menu options on the same screen and then scrolling down will show Developer Options. Tap that and BOOM! All the options!

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Teclast X98 Plus Goes On Sale November 2, 2015



In China, of course. To keep abreast, here is another reminder to check out Hendrickson’s TECHTablets site. My coverage of China tablets is near its end.

Previously here:

Teclast X98 Plus Coming

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eBook Devices Dying, As Expected

The Demographics of Device Ownership

Some 19% of adults report owning an e-reader – a handheld device such as a Kindle or Nook primarily used for reading e-books. This is a sizable drop from early 2014, when 32% of adults owned this type of device.

Nothing but tumbleweeds around the Nook exhibits at Barnes & Noble. For some time now.

Little different around Kindles at Best Buy and Staples.

People have big-ass phones now. And they read IMs and Facebook and Twitter, not books.

Oh yes, I’ve been peeking over your damn shoulders!

Previously here:

Say Goodbye To eInk Readers This Year
eInk isn’t Dead Yet
The iPad Mini Will Mean The Death of eInk

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Blog Notes: Image Storage Space Woes

Not de-Retina-ing the images in Holiday Weekend Tech Testing has finally caught up with me.

WordPress is reporting I’ve used all my image storage space.

I’ve been deleting and de-Retina-ing images of that post but my image storage space total isn’t yet updating, stuck at just 26KB(!) free.

So the images will be missing from the post until WordPress catches up and updates my storage free space.

Same-day update: Another problem. It turns out WordPress isn’t deleting the damn images I’m telling it to! This is going to take more time than I imagined.

Second same-day update: Post revision completed. WordPress still having problems with image deletions but I have about 10MBs of new space. For now.

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Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #5

Things are more or less still stalled at XDA Developers.

This is where people are complaining to Adobe about ADE not working. And this is where they’re complaining to Barnes & Noble.

From 2014, word of debit cards no longer being accepted for Nookbook purchases. What? And there could be problems with Gift Cards too.

I find out nearly a year later that the NookDevs site is gone.

This is the main thread at B&N where people are discussing the device.

There’s still no way found to skip the OOBE, but it turns out you can skip adding a credit card. That’s better than being trapped!

Bad weather contributed to my not going back to B&N to play with the device again. But the main reason — had the weather been good — is that I’m all out of possible tests for now.

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