Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #5

Things are more or less still stalled at XDA Developers.

This is where people are complaining to Adobe about ADE not working. And this is where they’re complaining to Barnes & Noble.

From 2014, word of debit cards no longer being accepted for Nookbook purchases. What? And there could be problems with Gift Cards too.

I find out nearly a year later that the NookDevs site is gone.

This is the main thread at B&N where people are discussing the device.

There’s still no way found to skip the OOBE, but it turns out you can skip adding a credit card. That’s better than being trapped!

Bad weather contributed to my not going back to B&N to play with the device again. But the main reason — had the weather been good — is that I’m all out of possible tests for now.

Via Instragram via Tumblr, a nice photo:


Let me just drop this in here too: eBookPorn is a good Tumblr.

Via Mobileread forums, a photo comparing the Nook Glowlight Plus to the Kindle Paperwhite:

Kindle PPW Nook Plus
Click = huuuuuuuge

Maybe it’s my eyes, my screen, or the photo, but I can’t see any deal-breaker difference against the Glowlight. Keep in mind that the color of a bezel tends to affect how “dark” or “light” the eInk screen is, especially when seeing devices in person (I’ve done many such comparisons over the years, especially with the old Sony Reader). There might be big difference when the devices are held side-by-side in real life, when subtracting the effect of the bezels.

Aside from problematic books — looking at you, Internet Simplified — I didn’t come across any problems with screen touch sensitivity in my tests with page turns or with menus (aside from, you know, that whole thing with Store settings making the device go weird).

Contrast and sharpness were wonderful for me. And although someone somewhere (I can’t find it now) mentioned the backlight is blue compared to pure white on the Kindle Voyage, eyes didn’t feel like they were being boiled like they do when reading from an IPS display.

Three questions remain for me:

1) Can it be rooted?

2) Once rooted, can it do Google Books PDFs well with SmartQ Reader?

3) Would it communicate with the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick? (See here for cautions.)

Previously here:

B&N Nook Touch Rooting category


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