Big Samsung Layoffs Coming

Samsung to layoff workforce to cut costs

Industry watchers said Samsung Electronics is expected to fire up to 30 percent of its workers as it cuts back on the role of those who work in finance, human resources and marketing.

Ambiguous sentence structure. Thirty percent of all workers, or thirty percent in just those three areas?

I’ll repeat what I’ve said previously: With tablet sales declining, I think the current round of Galaxy Tab S2 are the last to come out of Samsung.

We’ll see well-known brand names abandon the Android tablet market and leave it all to the bottom-feeders who import generic crap from China and slap a brand name on them. That will further poison the iPad market too.

Last year I would have seen this as an opportunity for China brands to break into the American market. But if a giant corporation like Hisense won’t sell their Sero 8 Pro here, you can forget microscopic “cottage” companies like Teclast, Onda, CUBE, or Chuwi ever getting here.


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7 responses to “Big Samsung Layoffs Coming

  1. I wonder if it’s really worth the ‘minnows’ while to enter the fiercely competitive US market, having to spend big amounts on advertising, translation & local regulations etc. Maybe they’re getting by OK in China. Here in the UK I know a lot of people buy direct through geekbuying, gearbest and banggood.

  2. Are there any sales figures available? Though niche here, they’re very popular amongst ‘gadget freaks’ :-)

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