Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #7

Repeating the steps, this time via The Digital ReaderHow to Find the Hidden Browser on the Nook Glowlight Plus — which published a photo (see link for uncropped large version):


Over at XDA Developers, Renate says:

While I’ve been fixated on rooting, the fact is getting unrooted ADB access gives many people most of what they wanted.

Which seems to be true, as evidenced by all the app-loading action being reported at the Mobileread forums!


It took some effort involving installing Java, Android’s Studio Bundle (A 1.1GB download) and re-familiarizing my self with a command prompt (how retro!) I now have Nova launcher, calibre companion, Stockfish Chess and Moon Reader pro running on my Nook.

Using Nova Launcher as the default launcher makes the NGP look like an android tablet from another manufacturer with nary a Nook reference to be found.

Full screen is sort of broken inside apps with the exception of Moon Reader; its option for full screen fixes the issue. There are full screen apps out there but they require root. Nova crashes when I try to change the wallpaper as well.

I haven’t tried to install the Play store yet but as I have made the changes I want to my NGP I see no real need to. Perhaps I’ll try to install the Play store when root is available. I’m also interested to see how battery life is affected.

And dnastase:

Installed Zeam Launcher, FBReader, Kindle and Button Savior. And I’m in business!

Then downeaster59:

I’ve installed Nova Launcher and a couple of other apps on my NGP. Nova seems to mess up the screen saver size, as now the screen savers with the quotes are way too big for the screen. Also, it’s evident that this is indeed an eReader and not a tablet. Opening up a resource in Logos Bible Software, for example, gives a black screen. Logos needs hardware acceleration features that the NGP doesn’t have (but that the Boyue T62+, for one, does). However, install your favorite reader apps and Calibre Companion, and you have a very fine eReader here. Moon Reader Pro is a good choice. I’ll try KOReader next.

Who also follows up with:

Just for the record, I tried rooting with the Root Master apk. It didn’t work.

I also like Moon Reader Pro on this device – more satisfying than the stock reader. Better at formatting, and with more options. The NGP didn’t seem to like the version of KOReader I installed. When I have time, I may try another. But I like Moon Reader Pro with the Outdoor theme. Works quite well.

And over at the B&N support forum, captainnook reports:

I just tried Calibre on the NGLP. Works and even shows book covers!

Calibre does post an error every time I launch it with the NGLP connected, but the error doesn’t seem to affect anything.

I needed to do a little device configuration in Calibre, to make sure to send EPUB to NOOK/My Files, but after that, it works a treat. Very happy!

I’d still like:

1) Confirmation that the Play Store can be installed and works

2) Root

Why do I want root? As far as I know, being able to take screensnaps requires root access for it to work. I need the screensnap functionality.

As it stands, no one has yet done a step-by-step guide for non-techies like me to even load apps.

And no one has done any video for YouTube.

On the Google Books PDF test front, last evening I went looking for a demo Kindle that had a working Experimental Browser. This used to be available in past demo models. No longer. Plus, they’ve even closed off access to browsing the Kindle Store. They’ve made demo Kindles really useless — which I guess is the point, to make them worthless to steal from stores.

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  1. Haven’t tried this myself but I can report that the web browser trick won’t work. The stock browser in the Plus can’t download an apk file; it crashes.

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