The Blacklist: Season Three, Episode Five


Why, after the past four abysmal episodes, am I doing another post?

Warning: Some spoilers ahead.

Because, shockingly, I thought this was mostly a very good episode that deserved a post.



Has anyone else noticed that TV series suddenly have a lot of women writers?

I call bullshit.

Wait for the exposé in a year or two that reveals these are the pen names of men.

Ah, if only Nikki Finke was still able to cover Hollywood. She’d get to the heart of it. She was the Raymond Reddington of Hollywood coverage.


Finally! The return of the wonderful Mr. Kaplan!

Do you know who Mr. Kaplan is? She’s the retired Mrs. Emma Peel of The Avengers under a new identity. One way or the other, she can’t stay out of the game (see Helen Mirren in Red). Of course, none of the producers of the series realize this. But they should! Come on, we want it — Red calling her and saying, “Mr. Kaplan, you’re needed.”

Wait …



What the hell year was that? No Freedom Tower! It doesn’t matter what year it was — they Photoshopped it. There’s no Empire State Building peeking out of the background, either.

This is New York City — from the same damn episode:


Did anyone else notice that?

I bet you didn’t notice this:


CGIed blood spatter. But:


Look closely! They added his eye popping out!


It’s always good to see Christine Lahti, even though she tends to walk through her part.

Yeah, cute:


It’s too early in the morning for my brain to dredge up what other story that came from.

This …


… is a real building and real address in New York City. No fakery.

Very nice stunt work:




Clever Alpha & Omega logo.

Damn …


… they shot in Bryant Park. Wish I could have known!


I don’t think Ryan Eggold gets enough credit for his work.

And how lovely it is …



… to see Red being Red again.

Did anyone catch the subtlety of Amir Arison’s performance here?



Red now has a weak spot:


This …



… was unrealistic as all hell. But how exciting! Who doesn’t want their own Dembe?

Good fucking riddance, Mr. Vargas:


Or so every damn viewer hopes!

Nice twist …


… on the other hand …


… who the hell didn’t see that coming? I hope Lahti is practicing her death scene. Producers, top the one for Jane Alexander! Think Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

This episode didn’t drag at all, despite the silly Presidential Commission scenes.

Overall, I still think this series derailed itself with the idiotic Cabal idea and then the lunacy of trying to convince us Liz is a Russian Sleeper Agent. What the hell were they taking over there? It certainly wasn’t NZT!

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