Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #8

At post time, still no:

1) Root

2) Photos of a Nook with apps

3) YouTube video demonstrating such apps

4) Tutorials for non-techies how to load apps via ADB

Even though The Digital Reader published a post called How to Install Apps on the Nook Glowlight Plus, it’s not step-by-step. Plus, prior Nooks required the Android SDK for full ADB and command prompt use, which isn’t even mentioned in the post.

Meanwhile …

Calibre now officially works with the Nook Glowlight Plus.

At XDA Developers, retaining the Status Bar on the Nook, from nicvel:

I got my Nook GlowPlus today and immediately sideloaded Nova Launcher a few apps, including Mantano reader and Kindle app.

Whenever I press the “menu” button in either of those two apps, the Status bar would come back and stay there for a while. But eventually it disappears.

Now, if once you start into Nova Launcher you then press the home button (either the hardkey or a softkey like Savior’s Buttons) and launch the vanilla Nook launcher, and then you get back to Nova Launcher, the status bar comes back for good.

Earlier, someone at XDA asked:

Nook runs Android 4.4, so which version of the Launcher, Button Savior and Kindle application apk I have to install?

And where I can download these apk?

And dnastase replied:

Yes, 4.4, thus you can install the latest versions just fine.

I mostly use androiddrawer dot com to get apks but for some apps they don’t have it and then I just search the inet …

I didn’t know about Android Drawer until now.

There’s also the APK Downloader site, which is sometimes ad-heavy and twitchy (there are daily download limits due to the Play Store API).

I wouldn’t recommend pirating apps. There could be malware time bombs inside. Plus, I bet the version of Android the Nook Glowlight Plus is using still has these and other vulnerabilities:

Yet Another Serious Android Security Flaw
Another Android Vulnerability Found
Critical Android Security Flaw

Some of those might not matter due to the Nook not being a phone but if someone plans to do any transactions on it, I’d be worried.

And jinside asked:

Anyone know of an existing norefresh app that works?

I noticed that the Nook does very little refreshing. This can lead to an overdose of ghosting that becomes very visible. I’ve seen the Nook refresh the screen twice to get rid of ghosting yet a faint trace still remained. I wonder how that will work with SmartQ Reader and Google Books PDFs.

Just what we needed: A graft-tastic Mommy Blogger post. Do people really fall for those things anymore? Time to remind everyone of my FTC Disclosure.

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