First Review: Onda V919 Air CH


Over at IMP3Net by, once again, the pseudonymous “bugs bunny” (who has done other such reviews) [Google Translate].

I just don’t care. I just browsed the pictures, didn’t bother with the text. All of you are on your own. My coverage of Chinese tablets is winding down.

Go over to TECHTablets. My god, I’m so glad I’m not dealing with shit like this: Teclast X98 Pro Boot to Bios / Missing eMMC Fix Bios update.

Same-day update: IMP3Net is also running a hype post for those interested [Google Translate]. It’s clearly Onda press material.

Previously here:

Onda V919 Air CH Unboxed
Onda V919 Air CH Announced
Onda V919 Air CH To Be Announced 10/14


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4 responses to “First Review: Onda V919 Air CH

  1. Thank you for link to Tech Tablets. Sorry you feel that way about China tabs, I’m personally more interested in them than phones tbh.

  2. Topaz

    I recently learned that you can save money by buying it here.

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