Stymied: Palm DOC File Creation

Long ago, I had a small Windows program that would take a TXT file and automagically create a Palm DOC file simply by dragging and dropping the TXT file onto it.

I’ve lost that damn program over the years.

Now I can’t remember its name and all my searching is coming up empty.

Anyone know the name, have a link, or have the app itself? It was freeware.

I’ve hit a roadblock in using the CLIE as a lifeboat. The PDB files I have are based on Palm’s modified PalmOS 5 format. The CLIE is classic PalmOS 4.x format. I can’t just load the PDBs into the CLIE and, shazam!, have Date Book, Memos, etc., back.

So, for Memos, I need to copy and paste into a TXT file and convert to DOC.

There are hundreds of these damn things to do.

Update Thursday November 5 2015: Having failed to find that utility, I’ve resorted to using MakeDOCW. It’s twitchy. No matter that I unchecked Auto-Install, it still makes an installable file. But I can drag and drop it into the Memory Stick (I just bought a new reader/writer yesterday) anyway and it can be read by SmartDOC, which is the DOC reader I have used for ages. This will do. Call off the hounds and thanks to all who tried to help.



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9 responses to “Stymied: Palm DOC File Creation

    • I think I saw all of those. I just got a Memory Stick r/w dongle finally (the old one died last year). It seems what I thought were DOCs were PDBs. I will see if DropBook — which I have — will do the trick. Thanks.

  1. Hi Mike,

    txt2pdbdoc “is a Unix-based Text-to-Doc file conversion program” that can convert TXT to PalmDOC (PDB) and vice versa. I have compiled a Windows version which can also be used in batch mode. Hope it helps!



    P.S. Palm OS remains the best mobile platform I’ve ever used. Here is a comparison between the Treo and iPhone back in 2009:

  2. CLI? Gah.

    Sorry Mike! I thought you were geekier ;-)

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