Limitless: Episode Seven

Hey, you heathen suited fucks at CBS, this is how it should be done:


Now do it.

And pay him!



I’m reaching the point with this series where I’m beginning to wonder what I could do with the time I’m now using up by watching it.

Is she wearing …


… a Mrs. Peel catsuit?!!?

Cute shit that is now wearing thin…




… because Brian is now just as stupid with the pill as without it:


And puhleeeeeeze:


How much pot is in the Writer’s Room? Stop it.

Alas, it wasn’t a catsuit after all:



Yeah, Brian. Still here. But maybe that’s the smartest thing you’ve said yet: “The show is over.”

If next week doesn’t get better, I quit.

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  1. My guess, there isn’t ENOUGH pot in the writer’s room. They can borrow some of my medical grade. They’ll realize they need to be high to write a show like this.

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