Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #10

A brief post. Things seem to be in a lull.

Now it seems OK to use Kingo Root, according to Windsor1959 (who originally shot down that idea):

My apologies! I decided to try Kingo Root for Windows after all, after reading up about it. After maybe 45 minutes of working on it, with several reboots, it achieved root for me. Just to be on the safe side, I installed SuperSU and System App Remover. Before rebooting the NGP after SuperSU downloaded its binary, I deleted the KingoRoot superuser with System App Remover. Then I rebooted. I have root. I installed SetCPU and found that the kernel gives several options for governor and scheduler. I enabled the root explorer feature on ES File Explorer. That’s all so far.

Hmmmm. Let’s wait to see what happens with his device before rushing in.

He Someone else adds more at the Mobileread forum.


I used Kingo Root in a virtual machine, which I have never used for credit card info and such. I uninstalled it after use. I’ve run an antivirus check. All seems okay. If it isn’t, I can trash the VM and do another one. Still, it may not have been the most prudent thing on my part! Most of what I want to do with the NGP can be done without root. But curiosity got the cat, so to speak. It doesn’t seem to have killed the cat – not yet, anyway!

Oddly enough, some devs in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S forum (among others) use Kingo Root for rooting – but then say to replace whatever Kingo Root does with SuperSu and such afterwards – which is what I did. We shall see!

I know Kingo Root is a very popular way to root things. It’s unknown if the original program has malware or spyware in it. But if you grab it from a sketchy source, it’s likely to have malware and spyware added in — whether it’s code in the app itself or signaling to a server in China to add and install secret things during the rooting process. That’s just how things roll these days in China.

Want more typefaces?

case-sensitive asked:

Could you explain how one would install fonts in android? THANKS!

And kazikas replied:

Copy to /system/fonts and change permissions to 644

However, case-sensitive then reported:

Thanks! I copied the .otf files to /system/fonts and change the permissions to rw-r-r. However, my ebook reader app (Alreader) does not recognize the fonts. Is that because Alreader only use ttf? Could you recommend an ebook app that uses otf?

And kazikas countered with:

For AlReader you can put fonts to /sdcard/fonts also. If AlReader is set to ‘e-ink adaptation’ it reads only ttf fonts. You can download/convert otf to ttf or turn off ‘e-ink adaptation’ (it doesn’t really do anything, just hides some settings) for supporting otf.

There is very detailed help page for AlReader, but only in russian.

Let’s see what we still need:

1) Root (a safe way!)

2) Photos of a Nook with apps

3) YouTube video demonstrating such apps

4) Step-by-step tutorials for non-techies how to load apps via ADB

Hey, all you people with apps on your Nook Glowlight Plus. You also have a smartphone. Do a video and post to YouTube. Share the excitement.

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