Getting Over China And Other Blog Notes

This is your periodic reminder to go to TECHTablets for the latest China tablet news and reviews. This one I found interesting: A Chinese Tablet After 7 Months. Is It Failing To Bits & Does it Hold Charge?.

I used to check Weibo every day. I’m no longer doing that. Unless something pops up on GizmoChina or GizChina or PadNews, I just can’t be bothered any longer. iPad Mini clones from China are dead. Neither Onda nor Ramos — one of the first two out of the gate with them — have announced new ones, nor will they. And I expect iPad clones not to go into 2016 as the remaining China tablet makers try to jump on the new popularity of the Surface and produce Surface clones.

Wednesday will be Singles’ Day in China, the big sales day. Here’s another disappointment for readers: I won’t be covering that this year. My general lack of interest combined with IRL crap that will keep me away from the keyboard most of the day are the reasons for that.

I’m surprised Xiaomi hasn’t announced a MiPad 2 before the 11/11 sales day. How many of the first tablet are still sitting in the warehouse?

There haven’t been enough developments on the Nook Glowlight Plus rooting front to warrant daily posts. This isn’t good.

The only things I’m waiting to see are the rumored Axon Max and the upcoming Huawei Mate 8.


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