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iPad Pro: Forget All Other Tablets

The power!


I can read The American Magazine without any zoom.

There’s just a second for the page to sharpen but paging is paper-fast. And that’s with the full 290 MB version of the PDF!

No other screensnaps. Each one is 2MBs — and my image space is that low.



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Rumored Xiaomi MiPad 2 Is Real

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 shows up with an Intel processor, Windows 10 support a reality?

Interestingly, synthetic benchmarks report a loss in performance on this new Mi Pad 2 compared to the first-gen, Tegra K1 powered Mi Pad. Single and multi-core scores this time around are 985 and 3268 points on the new Mi Pad 2, while the original manages close to 1100 and 3400 points respectively.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 With Intel Processor and 2 GB RAM Surfaces On GeekBench

The most surprising thing about Mi Pad 2 is that it boasts of an Intel Atom x5-Z8500 processor clocking 2.2 GHz and packs 2 GB of RAM as it is evident from the information listed on GeekBench page. Mi Pad 2 will run on Android 5.1 Lollipop out of the box like its predecessor.

I have to agree with Commenters at both sites. Just 2GBs of RAM is insufficient, especially if this will be a dual-OS tablet.

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In Search Of iPad Pro

I didn’t bother to go to an Apple Store yesterday because all the press I said it would be online orders on the 11th with units appearing in stores later.

So I figured — as is typical with Apple — there’d be no demo units.

But I learned today from Twitter that people have bought it in Apple Stores.

So today I might go looking for one to Google Books PDF Test. If successful — which depends on many factors aside from just finding one, like good WiFi — I won’t be posting many screensnaps because they’ll be ginormous and my image storage space is limited.

These Pro units might be segregated too, so I’m not counting on being able to use, say, a nearby iPad Mini to do a quick video.

If I don’t get to do this today, then it’ll be the weekend for sure.

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Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #11

Things have cooled down severely. But still, some little items.

Windsor1959, who used Kingo Root:

I’ve had a couple of OTA updates from B&N. The latest is Software Version I lost root in the process, but I don’t want to take chances with Kingo again. But it is a good thing to have that extra control over your device. So, if anyone finds some other way to root without opening up the device, that will be great.

If you want to try Kingo Root, get it from its source. And Follow the developer on Twitter — or, if you’re that way, on the dreaded Facebook — for the latest news.

Also see Kingo Root’s disclaimer and FAQ.

Back in 2003, billymaloney3 at XDA posted: Response from Kingo Support. See the screensnaps after the break.

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China Insider: PCs Are Dying, No Smartwatch Market, The Cloud Is The Future

iPad Pro review: Apple’s laptop killer? [Warning: Stupid autoplay video!]

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Limitless: Episode Eight

Hey, CBS! I’ve fixed the credits for you!



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