Nook Glowlight Plus Rooting Notes #11

Things have cooled down severely. But still, some little items.

Windsor1959, who used Kingo Root:

I’ve had a couple of OTA updates from B&N. The latest is Software Version I lost root in the process, but I don’t want to take chances with Kingo again. But it is a good thing to have that extra control over your device. So, if anyone finds some other way to root without opening up the device, that will be great.

If you want to try Kingo Root, get it from its source. And Follow the developer on Twitter — or, if you’re that way, on the dreaded Facebook — for the latest news.

Also see Kingo Root’s disclaimer and FAQ.

Back in 2003, billymaloney3 at XDA posted: Response from Kingo Support. See the screensnaps after the break.




OK, what’s interesting here is their reliance on free server space. I don’t know how they’ve set it up with a site such as Rapidshare, but as far as Chinese servers such as Baidu are concerned, some download speeds can be breathtakingly low. Now I understand why people report rooting taking so damn long. Having to download from a spectrum of free services that are dribbling the downloads would account for that. But as long as all of the services are legit — and the ones listed are — there should be no malware. Again: Do not download the app from sources other than those recommended by Kingo!

All the same, keep this reference handy: Current Android Malware.

Over at XDA, theCroh asked:

Has anyone tested Google Play Books on the NGP (or is it even possible to install it without rooting)?

And dnastase replied:

Just installing the apk doesn’t seem to suffice. The app seems to start but never displays anything.

Maybe it needs other Android components installed … but I can’t find out which ones.

Then theCroh replied:

Google Play Services and Play Store might be needed.

Which is another reason why I did this post, despite the lack of other developments.

I was thinking about that Google Play Books app and I think it’ll need the Google Framework.

Here’s getting that to work on the Xiaomi MiPad:

I don’t know how that can be done on the Nook Glowlight Plus. Since I don’t own one — yet? — it’ll be up to everyone else to figure it out. This might have been part of the rooting for the Nook Simple Touch, but I haven’t the energy to wade through all those past posts.

I played with the Nook again last night. And discovered not even the demo models have gotten the update with ADE. Software Version was and Platform Version was 45.0.25_user.

Still needed:

1) Root (a safer way?)

2) Photos of a Nook with apps

3) YouTube video demonstrating such apps

4) Step-by-step tutorials for non-techies how to load apps via ADB

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