Thoughts About The iPad Pro

Yes, it does.

Like everyone else, seeing it for the first time made me think, “Wow. That’s big.”

Which is some kind of Doctor Who TARDIS witchcraft at work, because most people already use larger screens. I’m on a 15.6-inch notebook at the moment. The 4:3 ratio of the iPad Pro messes with our size perception.

I did two things with it:

1) Opened the Paper app to try the Apple Pencil (which was in a tray next to the Pro, without any security tether attached to it). It was just a quick test. It turns out it wasn’t the best test of the Pencil to do. Paper has latency.

2) My Google Books PDF tests. I threw the full 290-megabytes version of The American Magazine at it. Then I did: Surface Japan, Fairy Tales from the Far North, The People of the Abyss, Thunderbirds Are Go 1966, The Thinking Machine, Secret Service: The Bradys: The Queen of Chinatown, LIFE July 1969 Moon, and Stuntman. I went frikkin wild with the PDFs!

The Pencil was heavier and longer than I expected (behave!). But it feels nice and looks Apple-classy. I’ll have to try it with some apps that don’t have Latency Inside.

iBooks continues to improve. With Google Books, the iPad Pro is now at ninety-five percent of being the perfect device for Google Books PDFs. I still experienced a periodic — but unpredictable — spinner with Surface Japan and Secret Service, two problematic PDFs that still require several seconds for their total page count to render — while “ordinary” PDFs such as Thunderbirds and LIFE render their total number of pages instantly.

I want everyone to keep in mind that these tests are with the included iBooks.

With an app such as Goodreader — made to handle PDFs — the iPad Pro (and maybe even the iPad Air 2) could be one-hundred percent of the perfect device for Google Books PDFs.

That’s basically all I did. And that took an hour. (Factor in download time, paging through PDFs, screensnapping, uploading screensnaps to blog space, etc.)

Not all is yet well with it, iOS 9, and Safari. I got this when doing a Preview of a blog post (a blog post I can’t yet do, because of image storage shortage; image reduced in size):


There were Safari rendering issues, with sometimes nothing but a gray screen appearing! I don’t know why. I don’t recall that happening with past iPad tests. Apple needs to fix that ASAP or people will be up in arms because of the price of the device. This problem is inexcusable.

There are lots more I want to try (someone on a Pro next to me made a point of trying the stereo speakers): YouTube, Hulu, splitscreen, PDFs from this post, and more.

I couldn’t do a video of my tests using another iPad Pro because of the way the Apple Store had them set up. They alternate between those lying flat and those attached to the keyboard cover. I didn’t want to mess with removing the keyboard.

Speaking of the keyboard — I tried it and didn’t like it. The design is just weird. Although I could type on it just fine, the feel of it and my eyes’ perception of it just made it an unpleasant experience. It also seems ridiculously narrow (from front to back). Microsoft got it right the first time with their original Type Covers (I haven’t tried the latest versions for the Surface).

Availability is already constrained. The Apple Store already sold out of every version except the one with 32GBs of internal storage. They cited a wait time of three-to-five days for other ones. And actually recommended people instead go online to order one(!).

An iPad this size changes everything for me. It’s the Google Books PDF machine I’ve been waiting for since iPhone 1.0.

And it really emphasizes what Steve Jobs said when he introduced iPad 1.0:



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11 responses to “Thoughts About The iPad Pro

  1. Could one not store screenshots on Flickr, which has functionally unlimited storage? One way or another, your image hosting is beholden to third parties, so why not just use Flickr?

  2. paulthehanna

    Did you find it light enough to hold in one hand/two hands for a long time? I believe its 700grams which is near the weight of the Surface Pro 4 and I think that is too heavy (which I have the i5 model of – it handles PDFs well in Sumatra btw). Anyway, I think 500g is the ideal cut-off for weight but do let me know what you think.

    • No. I’d lie on my back and have it propped on my stomach against my bent legs, probably. The next model will, I hope, be lighter. But everything these days really depends on battery tech. I believe that’s now the weightiest component.

    • Robert Jasiek

      Having tried various tablets in stores or at events, my opinion on weight of a tablet for long time hand-holding is:

      ~600g is the maximum
      ~500 to 530g is much nicer than 600g
      ~470 to 480g becomes pleasant
      ~435g is suprisingly yet much more pleasant than ~470g
      ~400g or less is really good, although one can develop greater desires for small tablets

      If you want great CPU speed and a light tablet, I suggest you be patient for another 12 to 18 months. The Toshiba Dynapad means that the technology is almost ripe but still expensive.

      • The tablet portion of Surface Book is too heavy to hold for a long time too. Tried it yesterday. Too bad the tablet bit itself isn’t for sale separate from keyboard. It’s MS’ largest tablet.

      • paulthehanna

        The dynapad is very impressive for 12 inches at that weight. For a pure reading tablet however, and I am leaning towards dedicated devices myself, I think one prefers slightly higher resolution. I am personally testing similar spec’d tablets to some of the teclast tabs or may just get an IPad. It’s for school so I’ll probably decide in the next two months myself.

      • Never go below Retina-class. You’ll shred your eyes.

  3. paulthehanna

    My mistake – you probably use different units. 1.57 pounds*

  4. The A9X chip seems to be showing its magic, Apple says the iPad Pro can run any application effortlessly, it is safe to assume that the HD games will also have no lag at all?

    Yes, the ratio of 4:3 can take time to get used to. Thanks for sharing your experience regarding PDF’s and Paper app, very interesting..

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