Charlie Sheen

Commercial break during his interview on the Today Show, where he’s announced he’s HIV-positive.

Oh for fuck’s sake.

The poor guy knew four years ago and has been blackmailed ever since. According to him, he’s paid out “millions” to people he thought he could trust to keep their mouths shut.

What a disgusting situation. What scum those people are.

Maybe it’s because I live in New York City, but I don’t know of anyone who sees an HIV diagnosis as being a “stigma.”

It’s just another fucking disease that humans can contract. To place it on a moral plane — as some do with the vaccine to prevent HPV — is ridiculous. How many so-called “normal” people must be infected before people understand it’s just a disease?

He’s gone through four years of hell. He should have announced at the time and saved himself all of the additional grief all of the backstabbers piled on him.

Here’s how I do things. Maybe others will find this helpful. I like to keep my life as simple and as uncomplicated as possible. So whenever I’m given an ultimatum by anyone, I have just one single answer: Go fuck yourself.

Charlie Sheen should have used that four years ago.


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