Supergirl: Episode Five (Not Four)


According to people who pay attention to the details, this is actually episode five, not four. CBS moved it up a week. It was supposed to air next week, Thanksgiving week.



Nice move with the guest casting.





Ah, Thanksgiving …


… where consanguinity leads to people coming together to air old resentments and to never resolve old misunderstandings. Because family.


I don’t know if this was a villain created for the show or one from the comics and I’m not going to check. All I could think of was how this showed a TV series based on E-Man could now work.


Ugh… it’s the dreaded backlot:


Could someone please design a backlot street that looks like a real urban setting?

Cat never …


… lets her guard down, even when you think she has.

Annnnnd …


… we get an ongoing mystery. I hope CBS didn’t screw up the continuity by putting two episodes out of order.

There were some great lines in this:

You have the wit of a YouTube comment.

Then we can watch Orphan Black.

You’ve always been my super-girl.

Oh shut up, you mean girl!

I think I must now resign myself to being a regular viewer of this series. It’s well done, I like all of the characters, and it’s just fun.

I know there are people out there who have avoided it based on the promos — I name no names, Jane — and I think those people should give it a shot. So should you, if you haven’t.

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2 responses to “Supergirl: Episode Five (Not Four)

  1. I recall the Livewire character (loud-mouthed radio DJ gets turned in to electricity) from the Superman cartoon in the early aughts, but couldn’t tell you if she showed up elsewhere.

    And yes, this was the fifth episode; did you catch the reference to Lucy? That was Lucy Lane, Lois’ sister, and she was supposed to have been introduced in Ep 4.

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