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The Player: Episode Nine


This might be the final episode of the series. Comcast/NBC idiots.

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The Blacklist: Season Three, Episode Eight


That title card is so damn wrong.

1) Red never heard of them before this episode.

2) They’re a bunch of bottom-feeding yokels. Blacklisters? Really?

It’s a lack of imagination that gave them a ranking. They should have been “off-list” or “not listed.”

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Prior MiPad 2 Image Another Fake: MiPad 2 Is iPad Mini Clone With Metal Back

Well, I got snookered this time like everyone else. Unless Xiaomi plans to introduce two tablets next week, the prior image I ran of the white plastic one was yet another fake.



That’s the President of Xiaomi, who has been putting out some spoilers of next week’s conference via Weibo. And that image is definitely of a tablet.

See also GizmoChina’s coverage: New Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Render Reveals Metal Unibody Design

Xiaomi’s “Grand Finale” product announcement is next week, Tuesday, November 24.


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