The Player: Episode Nine


This might be the final episode of the series. Comcast/NBC idiots.






No Apple Watch this episode. Why?

Because …


… Cassandra gets bagged and prior to an interrogation …


… all of her jewelry gets smashed. No damn way would they do that to a product placement!

We learn that the House that Johnson runs seems to be one of several …



… and there is someone who scares even Johnson!

Hell of a performance by Charity Wakefield …


… with such subtlety conveys that Cassandra is harder than steel.

And then demonstrates it:




No flaring nostrils, no raised voice. Marvelous.

Pit Boss …


… or Pit Bull?

Nothing to do with the story, just something I gotta do:



And we end with …


… a real WTF!?!!?

Those who have been following the series and paying attention to the depth of the stories have to be gnashing their teeth over the mysteries that might never be solved.

One of NBC’s biggest hits that became the linchpin of its overall ratings success was Hill Street Blues. It aired in the same timeslot The Player has. Hill Street didn’t start out as a ratings winner. But the Suits at NBC believed in it and waited for people to spread the word. They did.

This time, NBC isn’t giving a good series that chance. They should! They’ve put nothing but a bunch of turkeys — hello Awake, goodbye Prime Suspect (does anyone even remember those?) — in that timeslot! They’ve turned Thursdays at 10PM into a Kiss Of Death timeslot.

The Player could change that. If they gave it a chance!

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One response to “The Player: Episode Nine

  1. Martin

    I agree with you..Excelent stupid they many unanswered questions..I saw the trailer for the upcoming Jlo show..ohhhhh..terrible…

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