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New Image Of MiPad 2: Still An iPad Mini Clone?


Xiaomi published a picture of the Mi Pad 2 and no one noticed

I didn’t notice because I no longer check Weibo every day and the tablet will be announced tomorrow.

And with an Intel CPU, this isn’t going to have a record-setting AnTuTu score.


Same-day update after the break.

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The Expanse: Episode One


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The Solution To All Those Retina-Sized Images

All the ones I have that I can’t run here due to shrinking image storage space.

Their own damned blog: Mike Cane Retina (tentative title; will probably be Mike Cane’s Retina Dump).

That’s not the template I’ll use. Just a fugly placeholder (and STFU about my WordPress avatar; that’s Mike Mercury of Supercar).

And I’m not starting it until next week. (Or so I think.)

I have new iPad Pro images from this weekend that were hell to get stored online somewhere. They’re just so massive!

I’m leaving this post as a Sticky until I start the other blog, otherwise I’m bound to forget.

I’ll work out how I arrange things over the coming days. Don’t bother peeking. You’re bound just to see a mess until I’m ready.

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Thunderbirds Are Go: The Music


With a side note first: After making such a big deal out of female team member Kayo, why wasn’t she included in this episode? It seems this was something Covert Ops would have tried to safeguard.

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Colorfly Again Pushes “Nexus 8”


Colorfly sends out more press material trying to capitalize on past confusion that American and European sites reported as a possible “Nexus 8” tablet.

It’s not. It’ll be called the Hero 8 and is a new Colorfly tablet.

Only IMP3Net is publishing the press material with attribution of its source: Colorfly [Google Translate].

Previously here:

Colorfly Google Tablet Was A Hoax
Nexus 8 Photos Leaked: Yes, It’s From Colorfly
New Nexus 8: iPad Mini Clone From Colorfly?!

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