MiPad 2: Celebrating What?



November 24, 2015 · 8:02 am

8 responses to “MiPad 2: Celebrating What?

  1. E.T.

    The Mipad 2 is disappointing and seems to be out at a low point for tablets. The specs would have been reasonable a while ago but not now seem a bit lacking (I agree that 3GB RAM and more storage are needed, especially with Windows). Perhaps the launch was delayed because of some technical problems (being the first product with Intel and Windows). Maybe they will have an early partial spec upgrade like they did with the mi4c.
    In contrast, the Redmi note line offers better and better value for the same modest amount. The 3rd generation looks very interesting and will probably be at least as successful as its predecessors.

    • I don’t think this will be any more successful than the MiPad 1 — which was a flop.

      • why do you think so? here in Russia (i dont know numbers for China) it sells really well, is present by almost every reseller and has an image of one of the best gaming tablets (especially for less than 200 dollars)

        I am sure that this one will be even more successful as it is way cheaper (which is one of the most important factors) while being high quality (compairing to some shit from onda etc.) and having premium design

      • I had no idea it was even sold in Russia. All the tech press in China have called it a flop for Xiaomi — and since Xiaomi never bragged about sales, like they do with phones, I’d have to agree.

  2. Louis

    and to get windows 10 on mi pad 2 you will need 64Gb model, not the 16Gb one

  3. Robert Jasiek

    Flop by number or flop by quality? Xiaomi wanted to be #1 in one year, so maybe the tech press just looks “Is Xiaomi #1 now? No? So the MiPad was a total failure!”. Such journalism is meaningless.

    • By number. They clearly placed a large order with Foxconn and were left with many unsold in their warehouse. You forget that the price they were charging was well above competitors such as Onda, Ramos, Chuwi, etc. People bought an iPad Mini instead. People felt Xiaomi violated their own rule by releasing something expensive instead of affordable.

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