MiPad 2: No microSD Card Slot

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No microSD card slot? No interest. I’m not even running any photos. Hit the above links for all the details.

Also: Windows 10 option — but only 2GBs of RAM? Xiaomi is insane.



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4 responses to “MiPad 2: No microSD Card Slot

  1. As long as you will not play heavy games, 16gb is enough (I dont understand what to put on a tablet to fill the storage Music? It is already on a smartphone)
    and, of course, the price is fantastic
    if only it were 9.7 inch..

  2. Robert Jasiek

    If Windows 10 is preinstalled and the drivers work etc etc etc, the tablet looks good on paper and has 4:3 retina, although I’d prefer W10 Pro. Tests will have to show the reality, e.g. 12.5h battery life is too nice to be true for normal brightness when surfing. For me, 2GB / 64 GB is enough for the casual tablet, so I am mostly worried about WLAN range and quality, display mirroring and production errors. Otherwise the tablet is interesting.

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