The Jolla Tablet: A Scam?


Open letter to Jolla community: through the though times

Well, I’m glad I didn’t push this one hard.

Comments at that post are brutal and frank.

Just three samples will do:


This is basically proof that tablet was the last thing that you had on your mind. Why did you create Jolla tablet campaign, and instead created Sailfish OS campaign? So we can say for a reason that you’ve tricked us. You wasted all the money on development of newer version of Sailfish instead of delivering what we paid…



Earning money for tablets, but spending the money for software progress. I did not pay you for an software upgrade. Was the software necessary for the tablet? I don’t think so.

Therefore, afaik, this is a kind of embezzlement.



What are they lying about The crowdfunding money for the tablets wasn’t spent on the tablets.

It’s completely idiotic. They should have shipped the tablets, period. They had the money to do so. Nobody would have cared that the OS was still buggy and missing features. The community would have started hacking on it immediately and improved the OS.

Jolla used our money to build a closed source software product. We gave them our money to ship us a piece of hardware running Open Source software.

They screwed us over because they thought they can make more money by selling the OS to OEMs, than by selling hardware to us.

It’s obnoxious.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me — because he’s absolutely correct.

With over two million dollars raised, will this go down in the annals of Internet history as one of the biggest crowd-funding failures?

And what happens next? Bankruptcy? Can they release the source code for open source or is it tied up in legal ownership claims from investors?

This really just adds more poison to the well for other projects like this.

And I said it in my first post about them:

But what I don’t understand is this: Why build an entire tablet? Why not mimic Xiaomi and target a build of Sailfish for an existing tablet and offer it as firmware to flash? That’s how Xiaomi began, with MIUI for Android phones. Jolla wouldn’t have to begin with all the manufacturing headaches and they would have given people basically a real-life example of what their own tablet could be like. And then they could fundraise for it.

Exactly what they should have done.

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3 responses to “The Jolla Tablet: A Scam?

  1. Ian

    Looks like a sort of Ponzi scheme. I saw something similar years ago with the Adam tablet. The tablet finally released was a huge disappointment, even with the revolutional PixelQi screen. But most people asked for to be fooled, again and again.

  2. ChrisGX

    Yes, it was a scam. I was one of the people burned by it. It is interesting to note just how fraudulent exercises in “crowd funding” can be without any apparently deliberate intent to commit fraud. It seems that there wasn’t a common view amongst key decision makers at Jolla as to the best way forward for the company. While the overarching objective was to improve Sailfish’s standing there were real differences between Jolla executives. Marc Dillon was very committed to using hardware to popularise Jolla’s Sailfish offering. Others, including Antti Saarnio, saw the preoccupation with (in-house designed) hardware as a bit of a distraction. Dillon’s approach, I believe, was ill considered and kind of utopian. Still, his efforts to get the promised crowd funded hardware out the door seem to have been genuine, and his departure from Jolla surely comes down to his intent to stay the course despite the intractable implementation challenges that arose while pushing towards production.

    Jolla’s other executives seem to have been less concerned about the Tablet and mainly wanted a good v2.0 of Sailfish. This is probably the more sensible business position. Where the problem arises is in connection to the free use of monies from the Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to hone and polish Sailfish OS 2.0 while effectively abandoning work on the tablet. The consequence is: Indiegogo tablet campaign contributors are ripped off; Indiegogo itself suffers a loss of credibility as an organisation that materially benefits from and abets fraud free of responsibility for its own actions; and, although this hasn’t happened yet, one must imagine should the executives of Jolla ever end up in court having to justify their actions, they will point to their fiduciary duties to the company, a pretty solid legal strategy, I expect.

    Could Jolla be forced to issue refunds? That would be the right solution, I believe, but, sadly, it is doubtful that Jolla would do that willingly or be forced to do it by a court.

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