MiPad 2 Notes

I’m being dragged back into China, just for this tablet — and until it’s released and in owner hands.

Official MiPad 2 spec page [Google Translate]

Xiaomi Mi Pad vs Mi Pad 2 Comparison: What’s Changed?


How much will the reduced battery capacity affect run time? I don’t know. Xiaomi is claiming MIUI has very good battery optimization. That could be so — but what about Windows 10?

More details: [Reviews] [MIUI Device Team]Comparison Mi Pad Vs Mi Pad 2

The 16GB Android-only version will be available for sale on November 27, this Friday. The 64GB Windows 10 version will allegedly be available late December. And there are already rumors about that the version of Windows 10 on it will have unknown bits missing. Given the lack of microSD card slot, that’s unsurprising.

I’m not the only one saying that Xiaomi screwed up with this tablet. IMP3Net thinks so too [Google Translate]:

In contrast with the red-meter platform of Note 3, in just a few months to bring the metal body, fingerprint recognition and upgrade high-capacity battery. And millet flat 2 as a product conceived more than a year, only plastic change is a metal, a processor replacement, USB-Type C, limited configuration of the upgrade, the only bright spot also need to test the system to support Windows 10. It is no exaggeration to say that this is the new name of millet, lack of sincerity!

And for the generation of millet tablet users generally spit life poor performance, smaller memory on other issues, millet still no attention. Batteries millet second generation tablet is shrunk than the previous generation of narrow 6700mAh nearly 700 mA, to be tested endurance performance. Also, run the memory is still 2GB, and the Windows 10 system version as well.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

In other words, this tablet doesn’t reflect any seriousness on the part of Xiaomi to compete in the tablet market. Xiaomi didn’t even bother to address user complaints of the first tablet! IMP3Net also says that offering a Windows 10 version really indicates Xiaomi wants to leave the Android tablet market — which is understandable, given how poor sales have been for the original MiPad, how other China brands are suffering poor sales with their tablets, and how the Android tablet market is overrun with crap tablets selling for as low as US$49 (thank you for nothing, Amazon).

The few users left at the once-busy IMP3Net forum aren’t excited about the tablet either [Google Translate]. iambillbil thinks the Windows 10 version is inadequate:

Play win system in this configuration is not particularly fun

Mi Pad 2 won’t support Windows/Android dual boot, first photos

This is not to say that the Window’s version of the Mi Pad 2 cannot run Android (or vice versa for that matter) just that it will only support one operating system at a time. With this information now known we can stop hoping for a dual-boot Android/Windows tablet from Xiaomi, but it should also mean that anyone buying the Android version now should have the option to flash Windows at a later date.

They are too optimistic! I have grave doubts about even XDA Developers contriving a dual-OS scheme or flashing one OS over another being so easy.

Meanwhile, the tablet incumbents in China are laughing at the MiPad 2 and doing a pile on.





And CUBE goes all out in attacking the MiPad 2.













Chuwi, however, also felt the need to pre-announce a new tablet, the Vi8 Plus, to blunt any excitement there might be over the Windows 10 version of the MiPad 2:


Note that the Chuwi Vi8 Plus will be another widescreen eight-inch tablet, unlike the MiPad 2 with its 4:3 screen ratio.

And new promo images have appeared.









Why does it look Photoshopped into a widescreen tablet?

Anyway, I know people will be interested in that Windows screen, so here it is enlarged:


Why is the 2.24GHz CPU shown as being just 1.44GHz?

Is anyone reading this going to buy either version? And why, when the “Pro/Plus” model of the Asus ZenPad S 8.0 comes with 4GBs of RAM?

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One response to “MiPad 2 Notes

  1. I gonna order one (not for me as I need only big tablets not smaller ones) and play with it. The scenario is – browsing the web, watching videos, reading pdfs, social etc..

    Why not ASUS? Because it is TWO TIMES more expensive. Moreover, 4000mAh battery is a joke much more funny than 2gb RAM.
    From the experience with xiaomi mi4 I know that 2gb is enough for Android and MIUI. The only question is about optimisation. If it would be smooth, it is really great deal.

    As for windows, I dont care, it is just useless to use it. Let´s suppose windows is an option for enthusiasts like in xiaomi mi4.

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