MiPad 2: Laughable AnTuTu Score And Some Videos (Including Windows 10!)

The Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 manages 85k+ points on AnTuTu


Hahahahahahaha. No.

So what’s the reality?

This is more of a score all of us would be used to seeing, from RetroAndroid:


In Comments at GizChina, Roberto Tomás nails it:

Some back story for people who don’t know — in Chinese media they have already started using the antutu v6 beta. on cnBeta a week or so ago there was a story about that. Every time antutu’s major version number changes the linear scaling also changes, often leading to huge jumps. The note 5 jumped up to about 83k with the new version, for example. This means that scores from previous versions of antutu are not comparable with scores of later versions of antutu.

I’ll have to re-score the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 with that new AnTuTu (alas, as of yesterday, the demo model I was using at Best Buy wasn’t turning on — depleted battery or dead altogether?).

Now the videos …

This has English subtitles, which really help. Make sure Subtitles is turned On in Settings for the video. The tablet part is a little over four minutes. Bail after that unless you have any interest in Xiaomi’s new phone too. [Direct link; at post time the embed was throwing off an error.]

And more of a promo than unboxing from another middleman vendor:

Here are two videos of the tablet running Windows 10 and playing games:

I suspect the two Windows 10 ones are from Xiaomi employees. That tablet isn’t otherwise available to people.

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9 responses to “MiPad 2: Laughable AnTuTu Score And Some Videos (Including Windows 10!)

  1. Robert Jasiek

    The lady’s video exhibits a strongly mirroring display, unfortunately. My other major concern would be eletric safety.

    • Xiaomi has been world-class in terms of battery and charging, if that’s what you meant. Batteries going awry seem to be about on par with Apple’s iPhone, from what I’ve seen of their phones. Nothing reported about MiPad 1 battery/charging problems. And yeah, they never mentioned an anti-glare or even oleophobic screen coating.

      EDIT to add: What really bothered me was the slow partial rendering of Windows when he exited the game. Did you notice that? Parts of it appeared at different times.

  2. Robert Jasiek

    In Germany, we have the VDE standard for approved and tested electric safety. How is this in China? For other manufacturers (of lamps), there have been reports of endangered life. So it seems that every Chinese company decides on its own whether maximal short-term profit or the endconsumers’ maximal safety are important. Are you saying the Xiami has established a good reputation in this respect for its power adapters?

    I presume that Europeans need additional power connectors.

    I have not watched the gaming videos closely because I am not interested in 3D performance at all. It is, however, well known that Atoms do not excel at 3D. Apple or Nvidia CPUs would be the better choice for this purpose, I guess. (And Atoms cannot replace rich desktop workflow yet.)

    • One of the games was played online, and was very slow coming up — which is probably the nature of the game or WiFi. Playing it seemed fine, but that doesn’t interest me. It’s what Windows did when he exited.

      I haven’t checked in detail Xiaomi’s compliance with global electrical standards, but of all Chinese brands — outside of Huawei and ZTE, who are already global — I’d really trust them the most with that aspect.

      EDIT to add: Trust me, I understand the concerns with China brands and electricity!
      Family Claims “Hoverboad” Scooter Exploded, Burned Down House

  3. MacArthur

    Basiclly the MiPad 2 has the same hardware configuration as the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro, which has a confirmed AnTuTu score of ~49k. The x5-Z8500 gets this relatively high score much thanks to the relatively fast graphics. In pure CPU score in GeekBench 3 it gets 3.3 k in multicore score, which is about the same score as the 32-bit MiPad 1 (or an “old” 32-bit Snapdragon 800). In performance it’s only an upgrade in the graphics performance compared with MiPad 1 (~40k in AnTuTu). This tab is a no buy for me because it lacks GPS like its predecessor. I wonder why they choose to exclude that?

  4. regs

    Antutu can only be compared within major version. Antutu 5 cannot be compared with Antutu 4 or Antutu 6. Those are absolutely different benchmarks utilizing different tests and methods.

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