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Huawei Mate 8: Gorgeous, Expensive, Not Yet On Sale

Huawei Mate 8 launched full specs

Huawei Mate 8 in photos

Huawei Announces Mate 8 Flagship With Kirin 950 & 16MP Sony IMX298 Camera

Huawei Mate 8 Benchmark Scores Released

​Huawei unwraps 6-inch Mate 8 flagship phablet – running Android Marshmallow

According to GizmoChina, the 3GB + 32GB version starts at 2999 Yuan ($469), 4GB + 64GB at 3699 Yuan ($578) and 4GB + 128GB at 4399 Yuan ($688).

Oddly, Huawei didn’t do any Weibo conference for the introduction.

And yes, there’s a microSD card slot (it shares the slot and tray with the SIM card).

Now, where is the Axon Max? And at what price? And will Asus ever release its teased six-inch phone?

Previously here:

Huawei Mate 8 Phone Hype

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Teclast, Chuwi Still Pile On MiPad 2




Link in Weibo [Google Translate].

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Chuwi Release Full Specs Of Vi8 Plus Tablet Before Intro


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MiPad 2 Notes

I’m being dragged back into China, just for this tablet — and until it’s released and in owner hands.

Official MiPad 2 spec page [Google Translate]

Xiaomi Mi Pad vs Mi Pad 2 Comparison: What’s Changed?


How much will the reduced battery capacity affect run time? I don’t know. Xiaomi is claiming MIUI has very good battery optimization. That could be so — but what about Windows 10?

More details: [Reviews] [MIUI Device Team]Comparison Mi Pad Vs Mi Pad 2

The 16GB Android-only version will be available for sale on November 27, this Friday. The 64GB Windows 10 version will allegedly be available late December. And there are already rumors about that the version of Windows 10 on it will have unknown bits missing. Given the lack of microSD card slot, that’s unsurprising.

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First Post At Mike Cane’s Retina Dump

How Big Is The iPad Pro?

Let me know if the theme and typeface are OK with you lot.

Probably no other posts until next week. Maybe.


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MiPad 2: Celebrating What?



November 24, 2015 · 8:02 am

The Jolla Tablet: A Scam?


Open letter to Jolla community: through the though times

Well, I’m glad I didn’t push this one hard.

Comments at that post are brutal and frank.

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MiPad 2: No microSD Card Slot

MIUI forum: [Xiaomi] Xiaomi: Redmi Note 3@¥899, Mi Pad 2@¥999 & Mi Air Purifier 2@¥699

MIUI forum: [Reviews] All About Mi Pad 2: Specifications, Features, Price & Pictures

MIUI forum: [Album] Hands-on Photos of the Full Metal Mi Pad 2: Thin, Light, Gorgeous & Powerful — PR photos, not hands-on!

GizChina: Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 launched – Runs Android or Windows 10

GizmoChina: Thinner & Lighter Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Finally Unveiled With Intel Chip

No microSD card slot? No interest. I’m not even running any photos. Hit the above links for all the details.

Also: Windows 10 option — but only 2GBs of RAM? Xiaomi is insane.



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New Image Of MiPad 2: Still An iPad Mini Clone?


Xiaomi published a picture of the Mi Pad 2 and no one noticed

I didn’t notice because I no longer check Weibo every day and the tablet will be announced tomorrow.

And with an Intel CPU, this isn’t going to have a record-setting AnTuTu score.


Same-day update after the break.

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The Expanse: Episode One


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