Amazon: Poisoning The Tablet Well

Record Weekend for Amazon Devices—Up 3x Over Last Year, with Millions of Devices Sold

The new $49.99 Fire tablet is the fastest-selling Amazon tablet ever, with millions sold since launch — Amazon tablet sales this weekend are up more than 3x year over year.

With its 1024 x 600 resolution, I don’t know how people can put up with it.

CNet seems to think it’s the cat’s meow: 5 reasons to buy Amazon’s $50 tablet — and one not to. They also stupidly say it’s good for reading. Only if you hate your eyes.

If Amazon is making a profit on that tablet, consider what the manufacturing cost was. $15? $20?

Anyway, their site — at post time — reports it won’t be in stock until December 24(!).

Hey, Tim Cook, how’s that iPad pricing going?

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  1. HP exits low-cost tablet market in product shakeup

    Good Afternoon Mike. I thought you would find this interesting. There is no need to publish it unless you want to.

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