Sony Sells Xperia C5 Ultra In U.S. — Using The BLU Model!


Sony Xperia C5 Ultra Unlocked Phone – Retail Packaging ( U.S. Warranty ) – Black

At post time, it’s back up to US$349. Price is on par with the BLU Pure XL.

I had no idea Sony went BLU-like with this phone and is selling it direct via Amazon.

Same-day update: Whoa. B&H Photo carries it, but no display model in store, dammit: Sony Xperia C5 Ultra E5506 16GB Smartphone (Unlocked, White). No luscious Mint color, but I’d want White over Black any day. More distinctive and visible from a distance (like when it gets misplaced at home!).

Next-day update: See Comments below post for an important Do Not Buy warning.

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8 responses to “Sony Sells Xperia C5 Ultra In U.S. — Using The BLU Model!

  1. MacArthur

    Be warned that it has a Mediatek MT6752 SoC, the SoC that will be remembered as the probable cause for that several Chinese brands went bankrupt a few months ago (JiaYu, iOcean, etc.). I have 3 MT6752 devices including the JiaYu S3 and they all have the same problem – extreme overheating (until restart after only 10 min YouTube sometimes), unstable and no working LP firmware (only buggy betas). The SoC is as fast as my iPhone 6S in GeekBench 3 multicore score, but what good is that when it only lasts a few min to warnings of overheating and/or restarts. Maybe Sony manage to throttle it so that the temp becomes reasonable, but that would come at the cost of lag and other problems. I had to downclock my MT6752 devices to make them useful. I doubt that Sony can make a much better work with this SoC than the Chinese brands did as I am sure that it’s the SoC that is the root to the problem. Avoid

    • Wow! Thanks for that firsthand report. I will avoid.

      • MacArthur

        I googled it today and it’s obvious that my assumptions were right about the C5 U. It seems to have the same problem with overheating as all other MT6752 devices I have come across. The user opinions on for example confirms that. 15 min YouTube video is said to be enough for overheating problems there. They also talk about lousy battery time but that’s actually something that is quite good in the MT6752 devices I have had, even before downclocking. The SoC seems to be quite energy efficient despite the overheating problems. The slightly newer and less powerful MT6753 SoC doesn’t have these overheating problems in my tests. It’s also very energy efficient and in combination with the new MT3333 GPS circuit it makes a very competitive hardware in the (lower) mid range.

      • Thanks for that additional info. I have crossed this phone off my list. Perhaps at CES next month, Sony will announce a 6-inch screen I want. Now it’s clear why they didn’t want to sell this in the U.S.. But I still give them credit for officially offering it via Amazon. At least people who know what they’ll get into have a legit way of buying it.

  2. You should be a little more careful in what you write! I do NOT verify your assumptions at all nor anything you say. I’ve been using this 6 inches «Sony Xperia C5 Ultra E5506» for almost two months now without ANY overheating trouble in games, or in conventional/normal use, or even using both cameras for a long periods of time! There is NO such “extreme overheating (until restart after only 10 min YouTube sometimes)” you wrote about. I been watching videos for hours without any trouble: Battery behavior is also pretty normal for its size, 2930mA/hr. The Bootloader can be unlocked if you want in order to install a costumed rom/recovery or rooting purposes. The following Chinese link shows a comparison between two phones from this country using Mediatek MT6752 and Snapdragon 615, and the Conclusion is that MT6752 is better:
    or even here:

    What I do see, in fact, is that Mediatek’s SoCs are becoming better and better but western developers are not prepared for that. SONY wouldn’t have used MediaTek’s SoCs if all the troubles you are talking about were real. Do you really think SONY is so dumb? Nowadays phones are getting smarter than most “living” people on this World! Thanks.

    • I approved this Comment while on an iPad Pro at the Apple Store — not the best way to reply.

      You asked: “Do you really think SONY is so dumb?”

      Well, yes. They ruined their chances with the Sony Reader, bet big on both OLED and 3D TV — both losers — and so far the only division to show any sense has been the phone division, which must have undergone a huge shakeup for someone with *brains* to finally be put in charge. Sony has an entire record of being dumb, precedent after precedent.

      Even on YouTube there are videos of people mentioning the thermal issue.

      Now it could be that the phone you have is one in which Sony revised the hardware to fix that problem. Others could have an earlier production run that made the problems reveal themselves. Some problems reveal themselves only after a device is put into production.

    • MacArthur

      You are obviously a happy C5U owner Mr Wagner and that’s good for you. Maybe Sony managed to throttle the shitty MT6752 SoC so that it works in your particular device at least. However, fact remains that users all over the planet bitch about extreme overheating in it like in all other MT6752 devices and that SoC has been quickly forgotten even by no-name Chinese phones for all the problems, in favour of the downclocked much slower but stable MT6753. “Big small” Chinese brands like Elephone goes from 6752 to 6753 even though it’s a major performance loss and they do that for a reason of course. The user comments for the C5U on for example talk about “Yes, i also got the same problem. Even i only take 5 picture, it start to become so hot..waste my money.” Many users complain about lagging which is the typical result of throttling (thermal management). Another user writes “I will suggest you all don’t buy this phone. Following are the reasons. /…/ 2- Heating Problem Mobile get very hot while watching video or playing games with in very small time period (Approx 15 minutes).” And so on and so on. Over at XDA Forum (the world’s largest Android forum) it’s the same story on the C5U thread. Initially positive except some talk about “Phone performance – Occasional lag or stutter opening apps, swiping between home screens”. Lag again. Then later on more negative comments and talk about problems playing YouTube more than a few minutes before app freeze (all MT6752 devices I have tried behave the same and I have tried MANY by now). At the Xperia forum at it’s also the same story, lag and heating problems again even while only using the camera. The list of unhappy owners is long already and this device has not been on the market for more than a few months. How do you think it will look in a few months time? I think I know judging from what’s happened with all other MT6752 devices released so far on the market. Other MT6752 devices without proper thermal policies are known to overheat until screens pop out and finally dies totally (iOcean X9, Mlais M52, Gionee Elife S7, Ecoo E04, …). Other MT6752 devices with better thermal policies handle the situation better with throttling and the consequent lag instead (JiaYu S3, Lenovo K3, Vivo X6). I know because I had them all. All of these devices also have that in common that they were introduced as Android 5 devices but came much delayed with Android 4.4 installed instead. Some devices got buggy Lollipop later on but many of these brands actually went bankrupt instead (THL, JiaYu, iOcean, …), at least partly due to (some say all due to) all the problems with the MT6752 SoC. The only device with MT6752 and a somewhat bugfree LP I have tried is the Lenovo K3 Note, but the heat problem and lag in that device is terrible of course. So, judging from all that reasoning above, do you still think it was wrong of me to raise a finger in warning about the C5U? Yes, MediaTek’s SoCs are getting better but then there is the issue with that they don’t share their kernel source code (against the GPL agreements), so why would western developers switch to MediaTek development? For what? No source code = no development. By the way, do you consider Sony a western company? Also, Sony turned to MediaTek for their mid range devices after the problems they had with the Snapdragon 615 SoC. With the MT6752 I’m convinced that they went from bad to a lot worse. If I had the time I would get a C5U and do some bench tests on it and publish on XDA and here just to prove my point, but it’s not really high on my agenda. MT6752 is a dead SoC in terms of all development in the whole business as far as I can see. But please go ahead and install CPU-Z to measure the temperatures in your C5U and switch on the logging. Then run 5-10 AnTuTu V6 benchmark tests in row (no waiting between each run) and watch your score drop as the temperature rise. If the C5 behaves like the better MT6752 devices I have had the score will be halved before you reach 5 runs and at about the same time you will get a warning to shut down your device due to overtemperature. Good luck!

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