Very Un-Apple Like

The Semiotics of Apple Watch Glancing

From a fashion standpoint, I can’t imagine the Apple Watch being more than a one-season hot ticket that lands in a dead jewelry drawer once the user gets frustrated with the upkeep. The Apple Watch requires an awful lot of fiddling and tweaking to get its functionality tuned just so. The initial set-up process is time consuming and not well defined enough to show progress. Those giving the Apple Watch as a Christmas gift would be well served to open the package and set things up in advance in the way they might assemble a bicycle the night before. Installing apps is a hit or miss proposition with some apps installing automatically after an update to the corresponding iOS version and some not, regardless of the setting on your watch.

Apple used to be famous for its attention to detail. To the “microscopic” level of pixels, never mind just the “macroscopic” level of UI/UX.

So many goddammed things are wrong in the Apple Universe these days, that I’m beginning to think the passing of Steve Jobs really has doomed that company. Oh, it won’t be a fast fall. But something will happen.

Apple now occupies the Nokia Position — they’re not the best, it’s just that all their competitors are worse.

I’d like to see Apple be the best again, dammit, because that’s what the brand used to mean. Why Jobs wanted it to exist.

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