Thunderbirds Are Go: Extraction




Finally! An episode from someone who seems to have some understanding of the original series!

Most of the dialogue was egregious and grating, but the core of it was just like the original.

Most of the focus is on the victims.


And although they don’t have deep characterizations — the father is even more generic than the dad in Davey & Goliath — the kid is personable and likeable.


There’s a bit of a passing homage to an episode from the original series …


… and it’s done well, without a heavy hand or “Gee, look at us!”

What’s still lacking in this series is any good direction and editing. It’s too damn cartoon-like still. When Alan Pattillo directed Supermarionation, he did it like it was live-action.

Director Karl Essex tries some things here …







… and the physics on Gordon climbing and falling are well-done …






… but I ultimately felt as if he was told he couldn’t do this or that, because cartoon. Which is ridiculous. Use those fucking rendering CPUs. Tax them!

So far, Skyhook remains the best episode — from the standpoint of story and originality — with this one as second.

But, damn, they need to work more on quiet moments of suspense and empathy. The original wasn’t all go-go-go. Neither should this series be.

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