Video: Samsung Galaxy View

I finally found one to try at Best Buy last week.

Oh yeah, I did a few Google Books PDFs — with SmartQ Reader — on it.

It was revelatory. Ginormous text! No accelerometer for rotation that I could find. Which is why I need to do more tests. Is there a no-root Android app that will force-rotate a screen?

Everything seemed fast and those speakers blasted.

My first impression was one of lust. The opposite of my reaction when I finally saw the HP Slate 21. It didn’t feel like a half-hearted half-assed creation, like the HP. But yeah, if Samsung does a View 2, they need to increase that screen resolution.

Flossy Carter brings the real deal in a video review after the break. When he showed MultiView — something I didn’t even think to try (sales rep hovering over me and sensitive anti-theft alarm will do that!) — my lust increased!

Worth a watch even if you’ve dismissed this.

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