AnTuTu V6 Scores Jump The Shark

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How the hell can this benchmark be taken seriously with everything now being inflated like that?

There’s just no damn way to compare older-gen devices to this new scale.

It’s as if CUBE was running it now.



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6 responses to “AnTuTu V6 Scores Jump The Shark

  1. MacArthur

    I have tested a lot of older devices first with AnTuTu V5 and then with V6. It seems that they didn’t just inflate the scoring system. They actually changed how they weigh the total score. GPU (3D), CPU single core score (called “CPU common use”) and “user experience” (UX) seems to weigh heavier in relation to other things now. My older MT6582 (quadcore) has dropped ~50% in score and MT6592 (octacore) stays at the same score. The newer 64-bit MT6735P quadcore @ 1.0 GHz is +25% and MT6753 octacore @ 1.3 GHz is also +25% in score. I think they did a good job in this update to make the score reflect the real user experience more realistically. I think it’s more fair and more serious in V6 than ever actually. At least judging from the change in score for MediaTek devices. But of course old scores found in millions of references on internet isn’t valid any longer. Only devices from the same generation as MT6592, which would include Snapdragon 800 perhaps. I will continue to test some Snapdragon 410, 615, 801, 808, and 810 devices and see if the development is similar. Unfortunately AnTuTu V6 for iOS isn’t released yet so I can’t verify the greately increased score (according to your reference) in my iPhone 6S in going from V5 to V6.

  2. MacArthur

    I just got AnTuTu V6 for iOS and I can confirm what I have seen in 10 different Android devices. The new scoring system is a lot more focused on true user experience and a lot more relistic. As much as I love Android development I must say that Apple have been right all the time in developing CPUs with focus on single core score and not jumping on to the silly multicore race. It is my strong belief that in real life what really matters is the single core score and the GPU. If Lei Jun really controls the devolopment at AnTuTu he really did Xiaomi a disservice as the new AnTuTu score system benefits CPU single core score and graphics. My iPhone 6S scores 130,000 in AnTuTu V6. I must say that whatever the reasons are for the sudden change in AnTuTu this looks as serious as it can get judging from its origin. Reading the update information (change log) in AppStore just confirms that. I have included it below. See what you think.

    1. New designed 3D Testing Scene.
    Two new designed 3D testing scenes in Antutu V6.0. On-Screen Garden scene is to test game performance and Off-Screen Marooned scene is deisigned to test device limiting performance. New 3D scenes are made based on Unity3D 5.0 game engine, which is usually used in most lOS and Android games. Antutu believe that these will truly reflect the performance of device game performance.
    2. Add new UX testing items and increase UX testing proportion
    New UX testing item in Antutu benchmark V6.0: data security, data processing, strategy game, image processing, I/O performance and etc. All these new items are commonly used in daily life and directly affect the user experience. Antutu team believe this adjustment will avoid the case of ” high score but low ability”.
    3. New CPU Testing Added
    The employment of multi-core CPU caused the incompetent of actual using experience and hardware limiting performance. In view of this situation, Antutu V6.0 adjusts CPU testing items and adds several new one, based on practical use with more pratical meaning. Antutu found that in most cases, only one core is doing work and many applications are poorly supported by multipcore. We increase the proportion of single core test significantly. All these will make the testing results be more realistic.
    4. New Score Proportion in Antutu V6.0.
    The proportion of CPU+RAM : UX : 3D design to be 1:1 :1. The proportion of 3D and UX items have been increased. Proportion of CPU and RAM have been decreased.

    • Stef

      As if the old Antutu was not useless enough, this one is clearly built to push certain device’s sale. And I worry, I worry a lot since a lot of SoCs are designed to get great Antutu scores these days, which in turn would mean that the new SoCs would be build with wrapped priorities (as if they were not wrapped enough).

      This -new- Antutu bases its scores mostly on GPU and Single-Core CPU, which are mostly useless for every-day experience.

      GPU on Android is *only* used by a tiny minority of Play Store games (most play just fine even in 3 year old GPUs), while the primacy of single-core performance is a malicious lie that has been disproven by Anandtech:

      BTW your iphone is an honest to God slower experience, it may seem smoother because you do one thing at a time. But if you add-up total times you finish last when compared to any decent android phone. For example I often listen to music, while surfing the web / write an email, while I download files from my cloud service.

      I can’t stand an iPhone because it’s slow (I used to be an iphone user up until 2011), it only seems fast in simple use…

      • Kiloh3rtz

        Yeah you are right thats not a hate speech at all I mean yeah apple sucks android is the best…I saw many android phones which are good very good as a matter of fact prob above iphones but they lack one thing and one thing alone….an os that dont slow down the hole phone and that is where apple did the job and android did not…yeah yeah open sistem=buy mid range phone inly one up date if your lucky for the love of god s4(2 years old phone ) will not get the leaste os verios while a iphone 5 will (not sure about the ios 10 tho) so yeah your right apple comes down last in terms of pomping cores and ram into the phone but why buy a ferrari if you only drive to work and home?

      • Ha. All the issues you point out are true.

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