Supergirl: Episode Seven






Kara temporarily loses her superpowers. Who knew that could happen outside of being exposed to some strange form of Kryptonite? I didn’t.


Nothing to shrug about!

An earthquake strikes the environs of National City …



… part of those environs is the site of the DEO and one of the bad aliens escapes.


The overarching theme of the episode is human mortality and frailty. But the pursuit of the alien tended not to emphasize that, making the story feel a bit unbalanced.

While Kara learns what it’s like to be human — she gets a cold and broken arm — she also learns that it’s not necessary to have superpowers in order to be a hero:


We also learn what happened to Kara’s stepfather and Henshaw …


… which I will not spoil further. I never read that comic as a kid so the character is unknown to me. But one thing isn’t: CBS didn’t give the character’s creator any screen credit!

Hey, CBS! Learn from the BBC, which screen credits creators of Doctor Who characters! Everyone gets to learn anew that Terry Nation created the Daleks.



Supergirl and Cat, a nice touch.

And we end with a cliffhanger …


… that I won’t spoil.

It’s not the heroics of this series that keeps me watching. It’s the way the characters interact with one another. Plus, they’re all likeable — even Cat, in her own way.

And this episode provided a great model for the producers of the damnable Thunderbirds Are Go. Although not as much or as deep as I would have liked, there are real quiet moments here that evoke empathy and sympathy — something the Thunderbirds reboot has stripped out of the original format.

Hmph. Seven episodes watched. I guess I’m staying with this one.

If you haven’t tried it, jump in!

Final note: Great music score, this episode.

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2 responses to “Supergirl: Episode Seven

  1. I wasn’t thrilled with the lame reasoning behind the power loss, loved the twist, enjoyed the overarching theme…and I love Callista Flockhart. also watched the most recent ep. Of Agents of Shield, which was pretty good. Watched all of Jessica Jones which was dark and twisty, but I want more! There is come really good stuff out there at the moment.

    I don’t know from Thunderbirds, so can’t comment.

    • Don’t waste your time with Thundebirds Are Go. Hasn’t been picked up in America, which is no surprise.

      And yeah, the reason for her losing her powers was pretty lame but even the comics said our Yellow Sun versus the Kryptonian Red Sun was a factor for superpowers.

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