WTF: Colorfly Re-Announces iPad Mini 1 Clone

What the hell is up with Colorfly? Have they lost their minds entirely?

IMP3Net reports about the i783A [Google Translate]. This seems to be a weird variation of their never-released(?) dual-OS i783 Pro, this time with just Android.



This is 2015. We’re weeks away from 2016.


Who the hell wants a tablet at 1024 x 768 resolution?!

This is the only iPad Mini clone that’s been announced in China in months. That category is otherwise completely dead. Despite the charges of “homogenization” from the Chinese tech press over past Android tablets, most tablet makers have switched to Windows 10 tablets — which they can’t skin like Android. So will the Chinese tech press level more idiotic charges of “homogenization” this time?


Previously here:

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Colorfly i783 Pro: 7.9-Inch Dual-OS iPad Mini Clone

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