Here Come The Chinese Phones! LeTV First?

LeTV launching in the U.S in less than a month

In an email sent to press today, LeTV have confirmed that they plan to enter the U.S market in less than a month and that they will be attending CES for the first time ever later in 2016. At this stage we don’t know if LeTV’s streaming services will be their first U.S launch of if their phones will go on sale too.

If that wasn’t enough, LeTV also tell us to expect a ground breaking piece of news that will kick off soon. No details as to what that will be, but I personally think that they could be the first to release a Snapdragon 820 phone.

LeTV does some premium-quality phones that have sold incredibly well — in the millions — in China for a newcomer.

And they have that massive 6.33-inch screen LeTV Le Max that gives me tech lust cramps (but the price gives me tech lust fainting!).

To learn that they’ll be entering the American market is very exciting. I hope they’ll be doing a LeTV Max 2 with better battery life and a wider-angle lens on the back camera — two of the weaknesses of the original Max.

To get up to speed on what LeTV offers, check out the search results at GizChina. I wouldn’t be surprised if some readers decide to wait on a new phone to see what will be coming in from China. (I’m in the perilous position of needing a phone but not finding anything very, very cheap that’s suitable to tide me over until next year… damn MetroPCS for no longer carrying the US$99 ZTE Zmax!)

If I was Sony, HTC, and LG, I’d be very, very worried about my sales potential in 2016. China is coming.

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