The Dismal Future Of Books

A reader’s manifesto

Here’s a secret statistic that Nielsen won’t tell you — Penguin coffee mugs and adult colouring books together now represent 85% of total bookstore sales, with 10% left for Mog’s Christmas Calamity and 5% for everything else. That’s a true fact. Look it up. In fact, the same statistics that were being used to predict that the market would be 50% digital in three years could now be used to predict that all reading will be replaced by adult colouring books in the next 11 months. So get ready to attend the FutureAdultColouringBook conference here in 2016.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I want to think he was being humorous. But any trip to Barnes & Noble is like stepping into a store that specializes in toys, games, and licensed souvenirs that also happens to stock some books.

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One response to “The Dismal Future Of Books

  1. Robert Jasiek

    Online the choice is 10,000 times greater. Readers of specialised books buy online. Besides, traditional book stores commit suicide by management mistakes (see Kiepert in Berlin) or dull choice for dull people.

    Same with music. Online you can hear samples. In the traditional store, you are scolded for touching a CD.

    Video on DVD or BD? Who cares? The media companies have abandoned the endconsumers by nasty copy protections.

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