MiPad 2: Xiaomi FAQ, Windows 10 Still In Testing(!)

It seems Xiaomi did a very bad job in introducing the MiPad 2. Given the short shrift it got in their final big presentation, that’s unsurprising.

So they’ve issued a FAQ — which can be viewed in English only via Chrome browser.

And this is a screwy translation:

Q8:小米平板2支持OTG数据线吗?为什么我以前在小米官网买Type-C转Micro USB的转接头,连以前的OTG数据线,不能用U盘?

A8:小米平板2支持Type-C转USB接口的OTG数据线。官网此前销售的OTG线为Micro USB转USB接口,由Type-C转Micro USB的转接头的方式不能使用OTG功能。

Q8: Millet flat 2 support OTG data cable? Why I used to buy at the official website of millet turn Micro USB Type-C adapter, even before OTG cable, you can not use U disk?

A8: Millet flat 2 support Type-C interface to USB OTG cable. Prior to the official website sales for the Micro USB OTG cable to USB port, turn the Type-C Micro USB adapter ways of OTG function can not be used.

So you also need to buy a USB-C OTG cable from Xiaomi?! And yet they promoted the ability to read flash drives via Weibo in an animated GIF without mentioning the need to buy a new cable!

Xiaomi acknowledges not all Android apps will run on the Intel CPU:

Q4: 2 tablet comes with millet application store to download some software will appear flash back, does not work properly! There’s software can not be installed when you install it suggested, is how is it?

A4: This problem occurs because the APP not be adapted for the X86 architecture, currently is promoting part MIUI incompatible software provider adaptation work, we recommend that you first try to use other software to temporarily solve the demand.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Um, yeah, good luck with that! We’ve had Intel-based Android tablets for quite some time now, with Dell leading the way in the U.S.. As far as I know, I’ve seen no big rush by developers to adapt their apps for Android on x86.

And this is just screwy: Windows 10 on a 16GB MiPad 2 [Google Translate]?!

[ROM] invites you to participate in millet Tablet Windows 10 Experience Program 2!

We are fully screened list

Millet flat 2 supports two brush MIUI and Windows10 systems, you do not know millet tablet 2 is not at hand out?

Now, the good news came, we would like to invite a group of brave enough and loving warrior Brush to priority beta Windows 10 system, if your hands are welcome to enroll millet flat 2 Oh!

Offer number:
20 people

1. You have to buy millet tablet version 2-16G;
2. there is enough interest and time to brush machine;
3. To be able to assist us feedback brush machine problem encountered in the use and measured;

Boldfaced emphasis added by me (subject headline boldfaced in original).

So Windows 10 for the MiPad 2 is still in beta?! It’s December 18 already. I don’t think we’ll see the MiPad 2 Windows 10 version going on sale this month.

I will have another MiPad 2 post today.

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