Scandinavian Crime TV From Ken Bruen!




Unfortunately, all that’s available right now on the sharetubes is a Russian overdub (not even as a separate audio track!).

But it seems HBO in the U.S. might be airing this, since the trailer on YouTube has their Copyright notice:

But two viewers at the IMDB gave it a poor rating.

It seems London Boulevard remains the best Bruen adaptation.



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4 responses to “Scandinavian Crime TV From Ken Bruen!

  1. Mike
    The DVD is available on Amazon.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Warmest wishes

  2. Martin

    I saw all the episodes there are some sites with spanish subs where you can find the links for the ep.. But allmost,like 80 % of the series is spoken in english because one of the investigators speaks only in english. The Series is not bad is good actually,The big problem is the ending. I can’t say more here.

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