Six-Inch AMOLED Axon Max Phone Is China-Only!

After months of teasing and then silence from Axon, this:

ZTE Axon Max Is A 6-inch Phablet That’s Looks A Lot Like The Mate 8

ZTE Axon Max Unveiled With 6.0 Inches AMOLED Display At 2799 Yuan

ZTE Axon Max specs and photos with the Huawei Mate 8

Pricing in China will run from 2999 Yuan, and currently the phone will only be available in China.

At US$463, this is more — lots more — expensive than the US$349 BLU Pure XL. I’m not sure how their CPUs compare, but the Axon Max seems expensive for a non-Snapdragon 8xx phone.

At that price, maybe it’s best to stay in China. Where it’s bound to get creamed by the Shallots phone for less.


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