Videos: MiPad 2 16GB Android Version Detailed Review, Windows 10 Hyped

Over at TECHTablets: Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Unboxing And First Impressions.

But there’s a separate long video review. See it after the break.

And from a different source, a hype (not review) video (apparently ripped from China) for the Windows 10 version yet to go on sale (as noted earlier, Windows 10 for it is still in beta!):

I have to admit I’m curious about the Windows 10 version despite the lack of microSD card slot. What other iPad Mini clone is there for Windows 10 from a China brand that isn’t crap? Um, that answer is none.

Anyone interested in the Android version should note the disappointing quality of the camera and microphone …

… which is bound to be even worse with the Windows 10 version of the tablet.

Xiaomi should be ashamed that the camera and microphone are superior in their Redmi Note 3:

Of the four iPad Mini clone Android tablets, I’d rank them in this order:

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
2) Xiaomi MiPad 2 16GB Android version
3) Asus ZenPad S 8.0 (both versions)
4) Insignia Flex Elite 7.85

Why does Asus come in behind Xiaomi?

1) No retail presence (gone from Best Buy)
2) A failure to hype the “Pro/Plus” version of the tablet
3) Dicking around with the screen display by “sharpening” it
4) Lack of sales push indicates these tablets are one-offs due to be quickly abandoned

I’d actually move the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 to the number 3 spot if Best Buy was to price it at its actual dollar value: US$99 (its toy cameras really devalue it!). They seem unwilling to do so despite the lack of sales.

Anyway, I wait to see reviews of the Windows 10 version of the MiPad 2. But I expect to cringe at them.

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2 responses to “Videos: MiPad 2 16GB Android Version Detailed Review, Windows 10 Hyped

  1. ash

    The Samsung S2 is really nice, but given the other options, it is much over priced. I had a couple different copies of the flex elite tablet, but found the sound poor, it stuttered too much, and wasn’t responsive enough (great value if you can get around that). I currently have the zenpad s 8.0 (64gb version) and am very happy with, especially after switching it to the google launcher and keyboard. I reserve comment on the MiPad 2 until it’s seen whether or not we can get it in the US.

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