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Video: MiPad 2 PDF Test

Well, it’s not the official Google Books PDF Test — it lacks SmartQ Reader — but it’s in line with my expectations.

See the video TECHTablets kindly did after the break.

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MiPad 2 In Cherry Pink


Not a joke. They made a special edition for the début sale. And they call it “cherry pink” on Weibo, not “rose gold.”

Same-day update: Meanwhile, no one at Xiaomi has updated the MiPad page at their English site. At post time, the original NVIDIA Tegra K1 version is still there, by itself.

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Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: ROOTED!

Bobb in Comments reports:

With Oma’s generous help, managed to get this rooted.

Have not flashed his rom yet, but getting antutu v6.0 score of 48,911 with the removal of some installed apps. Only running at 1.6 ghz.

And it is so!

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