Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: ROOTED!

Bobb in Comments reports:

With Oma’s generous help, managed to get this rooted.

Have not flashed his rom yet, but getting antutu v6.0 score of 48,911 with the removal of some installed apps. Only running at 1.6 ghz.

And it is so!

Over at the ARCTablet forum, after an exchange of messages with firmware wizard OMA, Bobb reports:

That did it, got root using their .apk

Was able to install busybox, teminal emulator, etc. and remove some of the installed .apk’s

Will try to flash your firmware tomorrow.


But wait! What worked? What did OMA suggest trying?


Constant Readers are going, “Wait! Stop! Wasn’t that used for the Barnes & Noble Nook Glowlight Plus?”


I was initially confused too.

Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: KingRoot

Nook Glowlight Plus: Kingo Root

See how each has a different website?

But, ermmmmm, both are Chinese.

There is our future: Relying on possibly sketchy Chinese software to regain control of our China-made American-labeled private property!

Anyway, the tablet has been rooted. Now we’ll wait for Bobb or someone else to report what the new OMA replacement ROM does and how it works.

And Best Buy still isn’t dropping the price of the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 into Impulse Buy Territory. At post time, it’s been dropped to US$129 again. Give us that magic price of US$99!

Even at US$99, beware of the Chinese Tablet Sudden Death Syndrome, reported by a customer at the Best Buy listing:

Today my tablet completely died after just 3 months. Beautiful tablet, great resolution, perfect size. Battery life was weak. I had to keep it charging while I used it and sometimes it would die while charging. It was glitchy and lagged a bit. The volume would randomly turn up when I wasn’t touching it. I lost data that was only stored on this tablet and I am very sad that it cannot be recovered. I wouldn’t recommend this tablet to anyone.

It’s difficult to tell what happened there. Did he ever drop it and thus loosen or crack an internal connection? Was the battery from a bad batch? Was it all a lemon to begin with? Who knows. But this is the risk of Chinese tablets everyone should be aware of before buying. About the ninety-day mark has been the death of many a tablet imported from China.

Final note: There will probably never be Rockchip’s MultiWindow Android for this. Rockchip never did it for Android 5.x, only 4.x. But with root achieved, there’s hope for the Xposed framework bringing it.

Let’s see if new action transpires over at XDA Developers and if someone – Bobb? cough cough — posts a new YouTube video.

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8 responses to “Insignia Flex Elite 7.85: ROOTED!

  1. bobb

    I picked it up on ebay for $99, best buy will not deliver to canada.
    Should also mention I first ran antutu v5.3 and got 35,340.
    Bought this to replace my ifive mini 3, which still runs well but wanted a nicer screen. The form factor is quite similar to the minj 3 and I like the light weight (285 grams vs the mini 3’s 297). Will try to post a video over the next little while.

  2. bobb

    Got Oma’s rom installed!! See post 45 in his thread.
    Antutu v6.0 is 47,390 at 1.6Ghz
    Cannot seem to clock it to 1.8…
    Still trying to find time to post a video.

    • Am not at home PC until Monday. So you still have time for any video. Thanks for the update.

      Quick edit: Huh. Apple Store has banned ARCTablet forum. I can’t get to it.

  3. bobb

    you tube
    not much, but something…takes me forever to upload

  4. G

    Good to see development on the root access, haven’t felt the need to do further updates. Been using as my daily driver mostly for gaming and light reading. The screen brightness is either non existent or too bright tho but by far my best tablet visually. (Galaxy 3+4. 7in, Lg gpad7,sero8,ifive mini3,winbooktw700,surface2,zeki 8in) I’ve been happy with the battery life although several of my other tablets have longer standby and active life.

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