Video: MiPad 2 PDF Test

Well, it’s not the official Google Books PDF Test — it lacks SmartQ Reader — but it’s in line with my expectations.

See the video TECHTablets kindly did after the break.


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3 responses to “Video: MiPad 2 PDF Test

  1. Gorka

    The mipad dissapoints with handling PDFs..weren’t you expecting a more powerful device that would compete with an iPad?it’s terrible that android does so poorly when it comes to tablets

  2. definitio

    Yes, performance is very much up to the PDF app…overall I think highly of PDF MAX in Android and Xodo in Windows (overall, not only with regard to pdf rendering)
    Some programs open PDF files fast but are slow in rendering, others take some time to properly load, but then rendering is much faster.
    Still, I don’t regard the super-fast page flipping as really useful, practically I dont really use it, but it does test the rendering abilities of the device I guess.
    Still, I dont think the Adobe acrobat reader is one of the better pdf reading/annotating programs.

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