Second Video: Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 With OMA ROM

bobb has generously uploaded a second YouTube video of the OMA ROM on his Insignia Flex Elite 7.85.


And there’s a mini Google Books PDF Test in it too.


Dolphin Browser is also shown …



… and on that screen above, there’s Camera ZOOM FX at second in from the left on the lowest row. I wonder if Camera ZOOM FX makes any difference with that crap camera they stuck in this tablet? See still samples and a video sample:

bobb’s video:

That’s impressive. Does OMA’s ROM also improve battery life at all?

And FML Cubed. Best Buy did this on Christmas Eve:


They finally dropped it to Impulse Buy — at a time when I didn’t have the damn money. And, in-store, they weren’t even showing the price! I learned of that price only after I left and was at a Barnes & Noble (about a mile away) and decided to check!

It’s back now at a ridiculous US$149 (it was US$129 the day after Christmas). FML.

Some people must be actually buying it, even at US$129. Because last week this previous post began to pop:


I’d recommend getting a Power Bank (Xiaomi sells two in America, one at 5000mAh, one at 10400mAh) but I’m still unsure if the tablet can be used while charging! People have had different results. A Power Bank would be of little help if the tablet has to be off while s-l-o-w-l-y charging (three hours, is it?).

There might be people wondering if they can crack open the tablet and shove in a battery with a higher capacity. Unless you’re an Electrical Engineer, I wouldn’t even attempt that. There’s hardware circuitry that stops charging when the battery is full. That circuitry might be programmed for the capacity of the original battery. Either outright disaster could result or the higher capacity of the battery could be wasted because the circuit prevents charging above the expected mAh. I’m not an EE, though, just speculating.

Anyway, let’s see if more people report success in getting OMA’s ROM installed and if any other tricks emerge.

And I hope that bobb, when he gets home, will post instructions for getting OMA’s ROM installed using Windows 7 (he used Linux).

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2 responses to “Second Video: Insignia Flex Elite 7.85 With OMA ROM

  1. bobb

    I use a 2.5A charger, charges it fully in about 45 minutes. Can charge it while using it. Battery life does seem better (i have shut down a lot of pre-installed apps. Turn off location service and do not let it constantly scan for networks) . I’ve put larger batteries in my other tablets, most come with a circuit board on the battery, and you just have to cut and splice the wires. Will have to pry it open and check the measurements of the battery, aliexpress has tons of batteries and it’s just a matter of finding one the right size.
    I will put more instructions on Oma’s page for installing the rom using linux on the tablet.

  2. bobb

    Added more instructions on Oma’s blog to step through it.

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