Blog Notes: No Year-End Review Stuff

I usually do year-end posts like these:

2014 Review: Blah Blah Blah

2014 Review: Deaths Noted

2014 Review: Posts You Should Still Read

There’s just no time for that this year. (To see who died, click here — but that will go past 2015 at some point to earlier years.)

Plus, with Media Library image storage space near zero again, I’m thinking about just ending this blog and starting another. But I have no title for it. Plus my motivation at the moment is low.

Tomorrow — December 31 — will be my last blogging day until next week. Let’s see if I can raise my spite level enough to create a new blog.



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4 responses to “Blog Notes: No Year-End Review Stuff

  1. Martin

    All the best in 2016 for you here or in the next one ..

  2. A couple names for your next blog:

    Mike Cane’s Meh Blog
    Mike Cane’s Don’t Give a Fuck Blog

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