The End?

This is the final blog post of 2015 and probably the final post for this blog too.

I’m too exhausted to think of my next move, so there might be a while before something develops.

Meanwhile, there’s some nifty stuff to read over at iPeople, Mike Cane Reads, and Mike Cane’s Retina Dump.

Over and out.



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7 responses to “The End?

  1. Eric

    Happy new year to you ,
    Et merci pour ton super blog….

  2. Hope it’s not the end! but I’ll say “thanks for all the good reading” anyway.

  3. Daniel

    Why end?
    This blog is very helpful…

    Wishes to a great 2016!

  4. Robert Jasiek

    So let me give a summary of the current state of 4:3 tablets:
    – The iPad Mini 4 and iPad Air 2 have good hardware. They can be used for consumption of files having standard file formats. iOS inhibits much productive work and general file management, and makes backup of media files unnecessarily difficult.
    – The best Android tablets can be used but have some hardware disadvantages (such as a high reflectance). Security updates, easy backups and data protection are the exception.
    – Windows tablets have a powerful operating system, whose configuration involves a steep learning curve, but have some hardware disadvantages (such as a high reflectance, or for some models a too short battery life).

    What can we expect in the near future? Nothing changes, except for very expensive Windows business tablets, where we are going to see hardware evolution. However, such tablets still continue to have some hardware disadvantages (such as a high reflectance).

    What can we expect after 5 years? Nothing. We can only HOPE that the manufacturers become more endconsumer-friendly than before and go beyond HP’s current high end 2-in-1 inventions. This is what I hope:
    – iOS becomes as flexible as OSX.
    – Android becomes secure.
    – Windows tablets assume the display quality of iPads or the outdoor-friendly Windows notebooks.
    – All tablets follow the Fairphone 2 with respect to repairability.
    – Great WLAN reliability and range are taken for granted.

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