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If Apple’s iPad Is Down, China Tablets Must Be Dead

(Yes, an unfortunate title after two R.I.P. posts, but I couldn’t think of something better …)

Via Twitter:

Click = big

The only big chance China tablets had in America were eight-inch Windows 8.1 tablets. And those didn’t set any sales records or we’d be seeing them in public all over the place.

Meanwhile, over in China, tablet makers with names readers are familiar with — Teclast, Onda, Chuwi, et al — keep running “sales” for their tablets. There’s been an odor of desperation from these tablet brands. I’m not sure that even Core-M Windows tablets — aimed at business and professionals — are doing well.

It doesn’t help any of these domestic brands that they have poor reputations from past shoddy products. Once someone gets screwed by a company, they’re not inclined to give that company a second chance. Personally, I’ll never buy something from either Dell or Toshiba due to issues I’ve had.

Anyway, it could very well be that the upgrade cycle for the iPad is longer than expected. Also, I’ve read many articles about how “phablets” are replacing tablets. Does Apple care if an iPhone 6 Plus replaces an iPad sale? Hell no. They get money either way — and more money from the iPhone sale.

While the iPad sold “only” about eleven million, there are plenty of companies out there that’d be strutting if they sold that many of something.


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No New iPad Air In 2015?

Report: Apple won’t release a new 9.7-inch iPad Air this year

Can the world survive without a new 9.7-inch Apple iPad introduced this year? It might have to if Chinese publication Economic Daily News is right. A reliable source in the past, the Economic Daily News says that Foxconn has received orders for the 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro, and for the Apple iPad mini 4.

That would be … highly weird.

It would also be Samsung’s last chance, really. If they can’t sell loads of the 9.7-inch Galaxy Tab S2 in the absence of a new iPad Air, they’ll never be able to get anywhere with tablets.


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Apple Still Guilty Of eBook Conspiracy


Apple Conspired to Fix E-book Prices: U.S. Appeals Court

By a 2-1 vote, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court judge that the conspiracy violated federal antitrust law, and that the judge acted properly in imposing an injunction to prevent a recurrence.

Writing for the majority, Circuit Judge Debra Ann Livingston said that by organizing the conspiracy, “Apple found an easy path to opening its iBookstore,” while ensuring that marketwide prices rose to a level that Apple and the publishers wanted.

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Apple Guilty Of eBook Conspiracy

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Tim Cook In China & America: Buy Apple Watch!



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Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch: Final Words

Apple Music

I’m mortified by my experience with the Apple Watch. Jony Ive may be a great designer, but when it comes to what’s under the sheen, he’s brain dead. You’re selling me a watch that doesn’t tell time, that doesn’t perform the basic functions of a wristwatch? And you’re selling it as a luxury good? This is all wrong and does not portend a good future, especially when Angela Ahrendts is hired to promote it. I used to believe in Apple, but my faith is flagging.

I wonder if he’d even dare to try the Pebble Time? If I was Pebble’s marketing team, I’d personally deliver one to him free to try!

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Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch: Finale?
Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch
Bob Lefsetz And The Apple Watch

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Tim Cook’s WWDC 2015 Weibo



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Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch: Finale?



I’m returning mine. It’s too soon, if ever.

They assume you’re constantly vertical. Just try checking the time if you’re lying down.

And you can’t read the face in sunlight and if you’re over forty, good luck seeing the screen.

The Apple Watch must be bigger and display the time at all times. The rest of the complaints are secondary, about speed and charging. You’ve got to perform the core functions perfectly, otherwise people don’t care. Notice they didn’t state how many watches have been sold. Now that they’re just about caught up with back orders you’re gonna start seeing stories about what a failure the Watch is. You’ll be able to buy one instantly and the only people testifying paid for it. And I haven’t seen any celebrities wearing them recently…

The new Google Glass?

Looks like it!


Let’s see how the Pebble Time — with its always-on screen — does in comparison. I still have no reason to own any.

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Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch
Bob Lefsetz And The Apple Watch

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Bob Lefsetz Versus The Apple Watch

More Apple Watch

I’m thinking about returning it.


Sometimes you’ve got to say no. Maybe Apple shouldn’t have made a watch.

Sometimes you’ve got to break the paradigm. They were so busy making it look like a watch, they should have begun with a blank slate.

I keep thinking the leaders of Apple were goaded and self-goaded into doing it. Goaded by the outside world of press and goaded by each other to show they could be Post-Steve with something new and succeed.

I still see no need for me to own any smartwatch, although the Pebble Time and the weird ones from China make me curious.

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Bob Lefsetz And The Apple Watch

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U.S. Court Voids Apple’s Stupid “Trade Dress” Victory

U.S. appeals court reverses part of Apple’s $930 million verdict vs Samsung

Out of the $930 million judgment against Samsung, the appeals court ordered the court in San Jose to reconsider the $382 million portion awarded for trade dress dilution.

Trade dress is a legal term for a trademark on the way a product is packaged or presented. As part of its case, Apple had accused Samsung of diluting its brand and connection with customers by copying the look of its phones.

The appeals court said the features Apple sought to trademark were not eligible for this kind of legal protection because they relate to the functioning of the phone. To grant such protection would give Apple a monopoly on these features forever, the court said.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Someone at Apple must have realized that trade dress victory would be overturned. Otherwise they would have sued Acer to remove the A1-830 from Best Buy, as they had the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned Europe.

Let devices shaped like roundrects with center Home buttons flow.

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Tim Cook Visits China Apple Store

Via Weibo:


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