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U.S. Court Voids Apple’s Stupid “Trade Dress” Victory

U.S. appeals court reverses part of Apple’s $930 million verdict vs Samsung

Out of the $930 million judgment against Samsung, the appeals court ordered the court in San Jose to reconsider the $382 million portion awarded for trade dress dilution.

Trade dress is a legal term for a trademark on the way a product is packaged or presented. As part of its case, Apple had accused Samsung of diluting its brand and connection with customers by copying the look of its phones.

The appeals court said the features Apple sought to trademark were not eligible for this kind of legal protection because they relate to the functioning of the phone. To grant such protection would give Apple a monopoly on these features forever, the court said.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

Someone at Apple must have realized that trade dress victory would be overturned. Otherwise they would have sued Acer to remove the A1-830 from Best Buy, as they had the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned Europe.

Let devices shaped like roundrects with center Home buttons flow.

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Tim Cook Visits China Apple Store

Via Weibo:


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Apple’s Tim Cook Now On Weibo



The link in the Weibo [Google Translate].


Tim Cook gets more than 100k Chinese followers in 30 minutes on Weibo account

Same-day update after the break.

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Apple Looks Stupid Again

Apple says it removed apps with Pebble compatibility by mistake

Following news of the rejections, Apple told Business Insider that it’s not rejecting apps or app updates that work with Pebble’s devices. Pebble also chimed in on Reddit, saying it was working with Apple, which was being “super responsive” to concerns that existing apps might get the kibosh[.]

How can Apple keep embarrassing itself like this? Doesn’t anyone over there pay any fucking attention at all?

Previously here:

Apple Goes Asshole Again

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All Titans Fall

Apple Won’t Always Rule. Just Look at IBM.

What happened to IBM — how it became this small, in comparison with Apple — is worth remembering.

Ah, so many companies that were riding high in the 1980s are all gone now. I could do a list but no one would care. And those who care would annoyingly fisk them to defend Apple.

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Apple Goes Asshole Again

Apple now rejecting apps with Pebble Smartwatch support

SeaNav US has previously been approved by Apple with no problem, we have had Pebble support in SeaNav for nearly 2 years and there are no changes to our support for the Pebble in this version. What are Apple doing? Have they gone Apple Watch crazy? What can we do?

The fifth year of assholism.

2010: Apple bans Android magazine app

No mater how advanced iOS is over Android, and no matter how fantastic Apple’s own apps for it are, when Apple does something like this, it makes Android look like a no-brainer to get.

And it’s smug behavior like this that will eventually be the downfall of Apple, one way or another.

Same-day update:

We’ll see what happens.

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Apple App Store: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 …

Critical Sharks Part IV: Fear of Apple

Take the Iconfactory’s app Twitteriffic. Maheux ran a test wherein he typed “Twitter” into the App Store search field. His app Twitteriffic was astoundingly listed as the 100th result. Sacha Grief experienced even worse results than Maheux: “The iOS App Store is so broken that I couldn’t find an app even when searching for its full name.”

It’s 2015.

I wrote this back in 2009: Apple’s App Store Needs Librarians

What I wrote in 2009 is still true six years later.

What a disgrace.

I want to rub Apple’s nose in this. Jack Ma created Alibaba so that small businesses could prosper from the Internet.

Apple has maintained the App Store so that Apple can prosper from it.

What an even bigger disgrace.

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Whatever Happened To Apple’s “For The Rest Of Us…”?

“Nobody will pay $10,000 for an Apple Watch!” & other reasons you can’t sell shit

Unless you’ve done research, every opinion you have about what people will or won’t buy comes straight from your butt.

You say you won’t buy an Apple Watch. Fine, I believe you. (Although… perhaps you said the same thing about iPods, iPhones and iPads.)

It doesn’t matter, though, whether you buy or not. Lots and lots of other people will.

Let me repeat: You are not your customer. There’s only one of you. You won’t be paying yourself.

Emphasis in the original.


The Lisa was first introduced on January 19, 1983 and cost US$9,995 (approximately $23,700 in today’s dollars.) It was the very first personal computer system with a graphical user interface (GUI) to be sold commercially. It used a Motorola 68000 CPU clocked at 5 MHz and had 1 MB RAM.

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How Much Can USB-C Do?

Apple’s rumored 12″ MacBook Air may aggressively target mobility with USB 3.1 Type-C

A very interesting post. The USB-C connector used first by the Nokia N1 tablet is more than just a typical USB port.

It also makes me wonder if:

1) USB-C will be the wave of the future for all tablets, including the iPad.

2) If the Nokia N1’s USB-C port can do more than charge/connect/host.

3) If Apple will somehow tweak USB-C on their devices to make peripherals fall under their “Made for X” licensing scheme and break cross-platform compatibility.

With its USB-C connector and Intel Z3580 CPU, I’m beginning to think that the Nokia N1 is more than just a “different” tablet — it’s actually the first of the next generation of them.


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Eight Years Ago Today …

… the iPhone was announced.

And I never get tired of this

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