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HP Shitbook Triage

Compaq CQ60-615DX Turning On problems


That worked. Even though this is a Compaq CQ60-422DX.

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Signal Reacquisition!


Notebook problem solved — for now.

Stand by as I try to play catch-up.

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Totally Lost Day

Primary computer — that has everything on it — is down.  I don’t know why.

No other posts possible until this problem is resolved.


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Blog Notes: Media Library Free Space Unlocked


After the first round of pulling off unpublished screensnaps, I haven’t yet moved on to the others.

Which is fine. Aside from an all-text post, I have nothing else for today.

China is having National Day and there’s no news from there.

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Blog Notes: Nine Damn Years

Ah, the timing. After publishing the previous post, this happened within an hour:


As an update to the post about free storage, I’ve downloaded then deleted from my WordPress Media Library screensnaps that were waiting for homes in a post. A little over twenty megabytes so far. Still many more to do. I should be able to clear about forty megabytes of free storage space. But that change won’t register immediately at WordPress. So, keep standing by.

Also, I might not run any of them. But if I do, they’ll be scaled to half-Retina or below.

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Blog Notes: Oops.

Click = big

All of those Retina-class screensnaps I’ve posted recently have chewed through my free storage faster than I normally use it.

And I’ve got a bunch of them uploaded but not yet used.

The deal with testing is that I just upload from the store’s demo device and then figure out when I’m doing the post which screensnaps to use. Ones not used get deleted, which frees storage space.

I’m trying to figure out what to do next.

I won’t pay the US$99/year WordPress upgrade because it includes things I don’t want.

And I don’t like the idea of paying every year for something where the information begins to rot just about immediately after publication.

I have several older, long-dead blogs that I’m still trying to figure out what to do with. Just deleting them would break so many inbound Internet links! (That doesn’t seem to bother other people; many of the outbound links from those blogs have died!)

Plus, I was thinking just today of ending this blog when 2015 concludes.

So, stand by.


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Intermittent Internet Outages

I’ve experienced three of these in less than fifteen minutes.

If posting abruptly stops, it’s because of being knocked offline, not necessarily lack of news.

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Five Years, One Month Of This

August 16, 2010:


It got by me, how long I’ve been doing this particular blog.


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Reminder: See TechTablets Site

China tablets are becoming less interesting and I’m less interested in them these days. My coverage of them will be coming to an end by the end of this year.

Bookmark and check out TECHTablets.

Hendrickson keeps up with the kind of China tablets most people are still interested in.

His YouTube channel has coverage of both the new Teclast X98 Pro and the Onda V919 3G Core-M tablets.

I think the iPad has an insurmountable lead over Android and will probably remain that way for some time. When I’m at Best Buy, I see people buying Android craptabs. They’re being fooled by price, ignoring quality altogether. This is not good for Android. Tablets aren’t like cheap phones, where Xiaomi and Asus can provide quality products at below-average prices. Cheap tablets are basically nasty. Asus has a job to do, to change that perception.


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Blog Notes: Standby

WordPress problem preventing new posts.

Same-day update: WordPress has — without warning — deprecated their Classic Editor by removing buttons from it, forcing everyone to the new shitty editor.

The final days of this blog and my being at WordPress are at hand.

Second same-day update: The buttons in the Classic Editor are back. Was this a temporary glitch or WordPress seeing if people would even notice? But I’ve served my notice here again: If the Classic Editor ever goes away and we must use the new shitty editor, I’m out of here, period.

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