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First Post At Mike Cane’s Retina Dump

How Big Is The iPad Pro?

Let me know if the theme and typeface are OK with you lot.

Probably no other posts until next week. Maybe.


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The Solution To All Those Retina-Sized Images

All the ones I have that I can’t run here due to shrinking image storage space.

Their own damned blog: Mike Cane Retina (tentative title; will probably be Mike Cane’s Retina Dump).

That’s not the template I’ll use. Just a fugly placeholder (and STFU about my WordPress avatar; that’s Mike Mercury of Supercar).

And I’m not starting it until next week. (Or so I think.)

I have new iPad Pro images from this weekend that were hell to get stored online somewhere. They’re just so massive!

I’m leaving this post as a Sticky until I start the other blog, otherwise I’m bound to forget.

I’ll work out how I arrange things over the coming days. Don’t bother peeking. You’re bound just to see a mess until I’m ready.

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Image-Locked Again

Once again, I’ve used up all image storage space WordPress provides for free (3GBs).

I’ll have to find some previous post images to de-Retina-ize.

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Getting Over China And Other Blog Notes

This is your periodic reminder to go to TECHTablets for the latest China tablet news and reviews. This one I found interesting: A Chinese Tablet After 7 Months. Is It Failing To Bits & Does it Hold Charge?.

I used to check Weibo every day. I’m no longer doing that. Unless something pops up on GizmoChina or GizChina or PadNews, I just can’t be bothered any longer. iPad Mini clones from China are dead. Neither Onda nor Ramos — one of the first two out of the gate with them — have announced new ones, nor will they. And I expect iPad clones not to go into 2016 as the remaining China tablet makers try to jump on the new popularity of the Surface and produce Surface clones.

Wednesday will be Singles’ Day in China, the big sales day. Here’s another disappointment for readers: I won’t be covering that this year. My general lack of interest combined with IRL crap that will keep me away from the keyboard most of the day are the reasons for that.

I’m surprised Xiaomi hasn’t announced a MiPad 2 before the 11/11 sales day. How many of the first tablet are still sitting in the warehouse?

There haven’t been enough developments on the Nook Glowlight Plus rooting front to warrant daily posts. This isn’t good.

The only things I’m waiting to see are the rumored Axon Max and the upcoming Huawei Mate 8.

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Blog Notes: Image Storage Space Woes

Not de-Retina-ing the images in Holiday Weekend Tech Testing has finally caught up with me.

WordPress is reporting I’ve used all my image storage space.

I’ve been deleting and de-Retina-ing images of that post but my image storage space total isn’t yet updating, stuck at just 26KB(!) free.

So the images will be missing from the post until WordPress catches up and updates my storage free space.

Same-day update: Another problem. It turns out WordPress isn’t deleting the damn images I’m telling it to! This is going to take more time than I imagined.

Second same-day update: Post revision completed. WordPress still having problems with image deletions but I have about 10MBs of new space. For now.

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Reminder: Read TECHTablets

He’s still enthusiastically covering (and buying!) Chinese tablets while I have gotten very, very bored by them.

Teclast X16 Pro – Business focused 11.6″ X5 Z8500, USB 3.0 and Keyboard Dock

Teclast X98 Plus Official Specs and Price

By linking to those two posts, I don’t have to waste my time writing about either one.

In the meantime, am I the only one to notice that Rockchip’s tablet business died with the disastrous 3288? And that ACTIONS seems to be dead. And Allwinner seems to not know what the hell to do.

Meanwhile, MediaTek is raking in the sales for phones after being behind for so long.

As for iPad Mini clones, better buy the Insignia Flex Elite 7.85, Asus ZenPad S 8.0, or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 — because China seems to have dropped them.

And it remains to be seen how long Intel will last in China. For some reason, the term “pump and dump” keeps coming to mind …


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No Other Posts Today

I have a personal emergency.

My LifeDrive screen has gone all streaky and will show none of my data.

On the XP box with Palm Desktop, the last HotSync was February 2014.

That’s because PalmOneSyncEng.dll mysteriously disappeared and syncs would no longer work.

I’m now on a Win 7 notebook and must make Palm Desktop sync to try to retrieve my stranded data.

If I can get it into Palm Desktop, I can start the process of rescuing the data for another device.

Suggestions welcomed!

Update Tuesday October 20 2015: All LifeDrive data successfully synced to Windows 7 notebook. And I have suggestions for migrating it to Android — when I can damn well finally buy something.


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HP Shitbook Triage

Compaq CQ60-615DX Turning On problems


That worked. Even though this is a Compaq CQ60-422DX.

Continue reading


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Signal Reacquisition!


Notebook problem solved — for now.

Stand by as I try to play catch-up.

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Totally Lost Day

Primary computer — that has everything on it — is down.  I don’t know why.

No other posts possible until this problem is resolved.


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