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A Plague Of Words

A Plague of Words

To wit, I’m simply blinded by choice. I can’t make up my mind what to read because there’s so fucking MUCH to read and I want to read ALL of it…

From writer Alan Glynn, whose excellent novel The Dark Fields was transformed into the rather shallow movie, Limitless.

He has a full-blown blog too, with several short stories. All this time I didn’t know — because he sucks at promoting himself.

Anyway, what Alan says is what most readers can identify with. And what’s weird is that while I sit here typing this, I realize I don’t have the same impulse towards TV and movies. I haven’t yet seen all of Breaking Bad, but I’m not in any panic to do so — as I am to get to all the books I have waiting to be read.

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Set Cudgel On Repeat

Baldur Bjarnason has taken up the book publishing cudgel I’ve more or less abandoned in disgust.

This is a must-read: Except, except, except

There’s nothing there I disagree with. Some of it I’ve said myself years ago.

And that’s the fucking thing with book publishing: People have to say the same thing over and over again because it never sinks into their lizard brains.

No. Not picking up that cudgel again.

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Bookish Dumped By Its Founding Partners

Zola Books Acquires

The site that was supposed to save the asses of the Big 6 (now 5) of publishing against that meanie Jeff Bezos and his ferocious beast Amazon, was dumped in what looks like a fire sale price to a non-publisher.

I never got around to checking out this site in depth. That is, beyond its WTF TOS.

Now I am pleased that I will never have to look at it ever again.

Amazon wins again.


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When I Was A Kid: Book Edition


Books didn’t tell you how long it took to read a chapter.

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An Immortal Reader Review

The Art of Writing by George Randolph Chester was originally published in 1912.


Before we get to the first word he wrote, we get a review from a reader that is now immortal.

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1911: Surface Japan

A gorgeous book available free (download the PDF) at Google Books.

Update: For those outside of the U.S., I’ve uploaded it to my Google Docs for downloading.


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Not Books — Knowledge

Fighting The Pointless Fight: Books Come Back And Hit You, You Know

They say when you have a baby – when you hold it in your hands and feel how tiny and fragile it is — certain feelings well up in you that you have never felt before, which change you forever. I say when you look at a dumpster full of ancient books, you can’t possibly come away the same person. I have stood in front of mountains of discarded clothing higher than my head; I have seen warehouses of food sloughed off by supermarkets to go to food pantries; I have eaten freegan bagels and revived dumpstered computers; and I was not prepared for this.

Today I held a book in my hands from 1829 that was bound in leather – in actual dead animals. Its cover was scarcely bigger than my hands. The grain of the leather was so fine and soft. Its spine was torn away, leaving a mass like the inside of a squash. I opened it and could barely turn the pages out of fear I would kill its ideas with my clumsy futuristic hands.

I’m a digital book/eBook militant. But seeing books — knowledge! — discarded like that does drive me crazy.

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Wake Up: Real Writers Are On Their Own

The Outrage of the Week is the revelation that Random House is out to screw people with their new self-publishing scheme.

Just Shut the Fuck Up. No, really.

For years I have screamed — screamed! — about how the Big 6/4 are out to screw writers.

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The 1920s Scheme To Create A National Bookstore Chain

Continuing my research into Napoleon Hill, I came across a remarkable thing in an issue of American Stationer and Office Outfitter:

Prospectus of United Bookstores Co.

The following prospects, printed on a page leaflet, has been sent out by the United Bookstores Co. of America:

Organization Syndicate

An opportunity is presented to a limited number of persons interested in wider and more profitable book distribution to participate in a strictly business enterprise for this purpose by becoming members of a syndicate to promote the United Bookstores Company of America.

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Quote: Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The Business Rusch: The Death of Publishing

You’re a rotating group of widgets that might make the publisher some money.

That’s the truth.

And she also explains why the print bastards haven’t yet died — and nearly convinces me.

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