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Let’s Compare iPad Mini 4 And Clones Weights

Same-day revised


Samsung wins for the lightest tablet.

As for the iPad Mini 4 gram weight being higher than the Asus ZenPad S 8.0 “Pro,” chalk that up to Google conversion math. Apple lists 0.65 pounds, not ounces or grams, on their U.S. site.

That said, the iPad Mini 4 probably kicks the Samsung’s ass because it has the guts of the iPad Air 2, which is a supernaturally-powerful beast from the pit.

Same-day update: It turns out the new Mini 4 does not have the guts of the iPad Air 2. It’ll use the A8 CPU, not the A8x CPU of the Air 2. Which means I’ll have to go through an entire new round of Google Books PDF tests on the beast. Thanks for not making my life easier, Apple!

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Let’s Compare iPad Mini And Clones Weights


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Let’s Compare iPad Mini And Clones Weights

Picard with orange PADD [Source]

In my time holding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Nook Edition at Barnes & Noble, I realized that I’d be holding one of these tablets for a lonnnng time while reading.

So I thought I’d investigate weight.

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Hound, Siri, Google, Cortana: The Road To Box & Her

Thanks to Dan Miller for pointing me to the video after the break.

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A Public Service Announcement From Xiaomi



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Tech Pump And Dump

Meerkat is dying – and it’s taking U.S. tech journalism with it

How is it possible that people who have witnessed the lightning fast collapses of hype vehicles like Secret and Path in the recent past have learned nothing? How can we still have the same dysfunctional folie à deux playing out between credulous tech media and even more credulous VC investors?

Corruption. Period.

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FTC Disclosure

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Making A Living Via The Internet

The Podcast Is the Product for Keith and the Girl

For Khalili and Malley, the podcast is the product. Through VIP membership, merchandise sales, and advertising, Keith and the Girl revenue pays its co-hosts’ salaries plus rent on a one-bedroom apartment in Astoria, Queens, that they had converted into a professional studio. Three full-time employees and a handful of freelancers also receive a slice of the pie.

That’s not insignificant.

I’ve never heard of Khalili and Malley or their podcast. I grabbed a free copy of the printed Village Voice that had them on the cover and was quickly immersed in the story.


I think the article is a must-read for basically everybody.

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Ignorance And Hubris In Silicon Valley

How Silicon Valley Shapes Our Future

In such a worldview, politics and policymakers are the great enemy because they slow down progress. “Rules are made to cement existing structures,” Thrun says. “We are trying to circumvent them.”

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

He’s absolutely ignorant of social history and doesn’t even realize it.

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire

Their findings led to thirty-eight new laws regulating labor in New York state, and gave each of them a reputation as leading progressive reformers working on behalf of the working class. In the process, they changed Tammany’s reputation from mere corruption to progressive endeavors to help the workers. New York City’s Fire Chief John Kenlon told the investigators that his department had identified more than 200 factories where conditions made a fire like that at the Triangle Factory possible. The State Commissions’s reports helped modernize the state’s labor laws, making New York State “one of the most progressive states in terms of labor reform.” New laws mandated better building access and egress, fireproofing requirements, the availability of fire extinguishers, the installation of alarm systems and automatic sprinklers, better eating and toilet facilities for workers, and limited the number of hours that women and children could work. In the years from 1911 to 1913, sixty of the sixty-four new laws recommended by the Commission were legislated with the support of Governor William Sulzer.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

The overarching “existing structure” of everything is human beings. If you don’t understand that, you shouldn’t have the power to do anything.

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More Reasons To Despise The Techies
The Silicants
Sellouts, Shills, Con Men, And Egress Pushers


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Selfie Reporters Are Now A Thing. Edison Carter Gloats.

Twenty minutes into the future …


… is now.

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China’s Record-Setting Internet Population



The link reiterates what’s in the Weibo [Google Translate].

I see many Chinese tourists in NYC. It’s been too cold for me to want to approach any of them. One of these very warmer days I intend to ask them how many have Xiaomi phones. They tend to carry iPads and iPhones and take pictures with them.

Same-day update after the break.

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The Lowest Bastards Are Book Burners

Because they promote ignorance. And ignorance leads to all other evils and ills.

Iraqi libraries ransacked by Islamic State group in Mosul

When Islamic State group militants invaded the Central Library of Mosul earlier this month, they were on a mission to destroy a familiar enemy: other people’s ideas.

Residents say the extremists smashed the locks that had protected the biggest repository of learning in the northern Iraq town, and loaded around 2,000 books — including children’s stories, poetry, philosophy and tomes on sports, health, culture and science — into six pickup trucks. They left only Islamic texts.

The rest?

“These books promote infidelity and call for disobeying Allah. So they will be burned,” a bearded militant in traditional Afghani two-piece clothing told residents, according to one man living nearby who spoke to The Associated Press.

We need a worldwide program to digitize every damn library.

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