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Google Chrome, Windows XP, Twitter SSL Certificate Problem

This is what many people running Google Chrome browser with Windows XP are getting when trying to connect to Twitter:


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Dual-Boot Windows/Android Is Dead

Paywalled: Asustek’s Dual-OS Devices Hit a Wall, Shelves Plans For Transformer Book Duet TD300

Plans for a new breed of mobile devices running operating systems from both Microsoft Corp. and Google, Inc. have apparently hit a wall, falling victim to opposition from the software suppliers.

Facing pressure from Google and Microsoft, Taiwanese PC maker Asustek Computer Inc. has indefinitely postponed plans to sell a high-profile device designed to simultaneously run both Android and Windows software, people familiar with the matter said.

Microsoft and Google ruin Intel’s plan for dual-OS tablets

There’s no word out of China yet regarding the planned Ramos introduction of its dual-boot Windows/Android i10 Pro tablet on March 20 being delayed or cancelled. Given that it looks like they’re using vanilla Android Open Source Project, they could probably continue as-is.

Previously here:

Ramos i10Pro Tablet Is Dual-Boot Windows/Android
Ramos: Dual-Boot Windows/Android Tablet
Repeating: Google Against Dual-Boot Tablets
Google Forbids Windows/Android Dual-Boot Tablets

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Repeating: Google Against Dual-Boot Tablets

Via PadHz, here, February 23, 2014: Google Forbids Windows/Android Dual-Boot Tablets

CNet, February 25, 2014: No Nirvana? Is Asus rethinking Android-Windows 8.1 device?

CNet, March 7, 2014: Google cited as bothered by Android-Windows hybrid

I often get shit on Twitter for citing Chinese reports. I understand that sometimes they seem unbelievable — and add to that the ambiguity of Google Translate.

Yet many times I’ve found they have the real deal before anyone in America notices.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if dual-boot machines are killed by Google. All they really do is aid Microsoft. That’s not something Google wants.

I’m sure Asus will cite either “no market demand” or the catch-all “technical issues” when finally announcing the cancellation.

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Google Forbids Windows/Android Dual-Boot Tablets

That’s what PadHz is claiming, based on a report from the “Taiwan Economic Times” — the original source of which I cannot find [Google Translate].

Apparently this is Google’s reaction to Microsoft dropping its Windows 8.1 device licensing fee to US$15.

I don’t know that this will break many hearts. It’s interesting to see Google push around a partner like Asus, though.

What’s next? Google somehow forbidding the emulation of Android on Windows desktops and devices?

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Google Changes Android To Kill SD Cards

KitKat will make your SD Card completely useless: per the Android API specification, apps can no longer write files to your SD card.

People have already been complaining on the HP Support Forum that they can’t store apps on a microSD card with the Slate 8 Pro. The Support staff (mostly volunteers) have to keep repeating that it’s Android 4.x doing this, not HP.

And now this.

The entire point of my wanting an Android tablet over an iPad is the card slot.

This move by Google to dissuade hardware makers from including such a slot is just jaw-dropping.

It’s already bad enough that people who want to view multi-GB videos in HD are running up against 4GB file limits with card storage — and this is just pouring salt in the entire wound.

I hope the outcry will be loud enough to make Google change its thinking. Card storage is the ace card that makes many people choose Android over iOS devices.


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Google Won. Next!

Google defeats authors in U.S. book-scanning lawsuit

I was against Google. But I’m not going to bother to link to all my posts.

This is bullshit:

He [Judge Chin] also said Google’s digitization was “transformative,” meaning it gave the books a new purpose or character, and could be expected to boost rather than reduce book sales.

If scanning a book is “transformative,” then my posting a short clip from a TV program or movie on YouTube for fair use in a post should be as well. Yet I’ve had two such clips DMCAed away and Google has threatened me with account deletion if I do it again (or am caught doing it again, harumph).

I have been a user of Google Books for longer than I can remember. Proportionally, they place more of a book online than any of my short clips do of any TV program or movie.

Yet they get a fucking free pass — for grabbing all the books.

While I’m under threat by Google for just two alleged violations.

I look forward to Google doing Video Search and grabbing all the TV and all the movies. Because that’s what they do. They need to build shit to slap ads on. It’s how they make their money.

Those CopyNazis of the MPAA don’t realize what just hit them.


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Google+ Is Creating Posts People Don’t Want

Same-day update: Nope. Not true. Poor wording in Google’s spam emails to me. See end of post for clarification.

I got this email out of the blue today:

Click = big

What the hell?

I didn’t create any damned post on Google+.

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Tech Photos From Today

An unplanned trip to Manhattan today. Stopped in some stores and pawed at or just looked at a few things. All photos have been resized any resampled to VGA; click any to enlarge.



That’s the new Acer eight-inch full Windows 8 tablet. I don’t think that’s going to sell big. At eight inches, a 4:3 screen would be better. And the screen itself is a bit hinky, with colors going all weird when not viewed head-on. The one shot of the screen I have I can’t run because my mug is prominently reflected in it.

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YouTube Is To Video What Amazon Is To eBooks

Why Online Video Just Took One More Big Step to Legitimacy

  • People watch 5.3 hours of TV / day. They read less than 30 minutes. You can’t change media consumption patterns easily. The future of the Internet is video. Full stop.
  • Production costs have fallen more than 90%. Distribution costs have, too. This is classic “Innovator’s Dilemma” market conditions.
  • My estimate is that the top 5 YouTube networks will do > $200 million net revenue in 2013 (after Google’s share)
  • These same top networks – Maker, Machinima, Zefr, FullScreen, BigFrame – and the like have create nearly 1,000 new tech / media jobs in LA in the past 3 years alone.
  • Google does not have the semi-benevolent reputation of Amazon, however, so there will be trouble ahead.

    While each of these channels celebrate the building of their brand and audience, they’re also building the brand and audience of YouTube. And what happens when the day comes — and it inevitably will — when Google and them can’t come to happy contractual terms? Where do the channels go after YouTube? Where’s the B-channel? Vimeo? Dailymotion? Once upon a time there was Veoh, but that’s just about dead.

    People like to talk about how technology makes “one winner” — but these single winners create a lot of eventual losers downstream.

    I hope Marissa Mayer at Yahoo is paying attention. If she is, she’ll grab Hulu while she still can.

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    Google Translate Chinese-To-English


    You can’t make up this shit.

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